Thursday, January 04, 2007

Official Thursday Weigh-In

I think my body must be in rebellion. Either that, or the eating I did over Christmas is catching up to me, and it's time to pay the Piper.

I gained another two pounds this week! After exercising every single day and everything!

I would just never eat again, but I don't think that's an option.

Here goes another round this week.



Donna Boucher said...

Stick to it...and next week you will see good results. It always works that way!

Valerie said...

OK, so forgive WAS the holidays after all. you will do better next week.

did i tell you we're rejoining this Friday?

Melissa said...

Valerie - you'll have to do an Official Friday Weigh In too!

And thanks girls, for the encouragement. After I posted my results, I read an article on the WW website that said that sometimes, as you increase your exercise and your muscles build, they make you retain a bit of water. Maybe I can chalk it up to that!

Sounds good, anyway, doesn't it?

Susie Q said...

It's was the will be back on track! I am just impressed with your dedication!

I am really enjoying your blog. I found it via Valerie's and Jolene's. I will be back often.


Jolene George said...

Don't beat yourself up. You can do it!