Friday, January 12, 2007

Not a post for the faint of heart

Not a clown on Vimeo
Or those who can't stand to see kids with dirty faces (like my brother, Jeremy. Can't wait until he has a few of his own!)

I found this clip on my computer this week. It was taken almost two years ago, when Anna Marie was three and a half. We were eating at Fazoli's.

I was amazed at how much better she talks now than then. People who aren't related to her can understand her now and everything!

Anyway, I guess I should've been teaching the kid better manners, but she was three. And I was obviously engaged in some important adult conversation, and not watching my daughter shovel pasta into her mouth.

Her communication skills have gotten much better in the last two years.

Her eating skills - well, not so much.


Lissete said...

That is just the cutest! She sure does love her spazgetti (that's how my kids used to say it)

Valerie said...

OMG! she is the cutest psgetti (how i used to say it)eater EVAH!!!
and i am lovin' your drawl, missy!

wow - Fazoli's! i ate at the one in Valley Forge a LOT when i traveled there last year...i didn't realize they were down in your neck o' de woods!!

Melissa said...

Funny thing is, now she's saying psgetti, even though she knows that's not the word.

Oh, and Valerie, two things:

1. The main voice talking to AM is Amanda. I'm in the background, though, talking about putting a napkin under her plate to make it easier to clean up.

2. We love Fazoli's. It's one of the few places we can all eat together, from my dad to my vegetarian sister!

Amanda said...

Hey, I maintain that I have no drawl. I have a non-regional dialect!

I maintain it, that is, until some non-Southerner tells me that I have a Southern accent. Or, as my Mid-Western friend kindly put it, I have "southern flavor."

Valerie said...

amanda, you have drawl. deal with it.

see? i told you, melissa, that you & i were separated at birth!!!

Jolene George said...

LOL! Now THAT was cute! It brought a big smile to my face!

Mary said...

How precious is that!