Sunday, April 22, 2007

The best laid plans

I had such great plans for this weekend. Especially yesterday.

I was going to clean the house! Exercise! Take Anna Marie to the movies!

I got basically none of that done, mostly due to a lack of sleep. Both on my part and Little AM's.

I was going to get the movies part done. We have a small, four-screen theater about a block from my house, across the street from my office. It's called the Tobie (short for "Senatobia" - clever!)During the school year, they only have matinees on Saturday and Sunday, and then during breaks like Spring Break and Christmas. Meet The Robinsons was playing last week, but was gone. It was going to have to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which, although AM had seen it before, was OK with her.

Then, my mom called from a trip she's on to Georgia with three of her siblings, and said that Amanda was at home, alone, and sick.

I morphed into Florence Nightengale.

She required Benadryl and powdered sugar. Anna Marie and I sprang into action.

However, as a result, we missed the 2:00 p.m. matinee.

And since neither of us had slept, I made us both take a nap. We each slept for something like two hours.

After dinner, I told her we would go outside and she could ride her scooter. But, she was in some kind of bad humor, and we ended up coming back home after a couple of blocks.

The night ended with us watching the second Pirates of the Carribean. So, technically, we did get in a movie.

Today, I made up for it.

After church, we walked down to the Tobie for TMNT. I made a great discovery - our theater sells single-serve bags of pretzels! Yeah, they cost $1, but it's something she and I can split and I don't have to feel too badly about.

We walked back after the movie, and spent the next hour in the backyard exploring, playing TMNT, playing soccer, and playing baseball.

It looks like I smushed all my plans for the past two days into two and a half hours.

(Except for the "cleaning the house" part.)

No wonder I just ordered pizza for dinner.


amanda said...

But you didn't say if you liked the movie or not!

And you didn't say that the best part of the whole movie is when Splinter says that he has to go watch his stories.

Melissa said...

Yes, I liked it - and yes, I LOVED it when he said he had to watch his stories, and then wondered what was going to happen to one couple!

Valerie said...

thankfully, i don't have any young'uns to take to TMNT.

i had a whole weekend to myself, since the Husband worked all weekend, but no movies for me. i have a few i wanna see, too...

how's Amanda feeling now?

Melissa said...

Ooh, those weekends to myself - I'll get one of those at the beginning of July! Yippee! Last year, we'd just started Netflix, and I think I watched a different movie every night for a week.

I guess Amanda is better. I think a lack of sleep was her biggest problem, since the allergies were keeping her awake.