Friday, April 27, 2007

A picture a day

Keeps the Wookies away.

Or not.

(That's borrowed from the NaBloPoMo button.)

I have a "second quarter 2007" resolution - to improve my photography skills by taking a picture every day.

This one is of Anna Marie's critter container. There's a cocoon in the right-hand corner, and due to Amanda's mad research skillz, we know it will grow into a moth.

A little disappointing to a little girl who was hoping for a butterfly, but, we can't all be Monarchs.

Any critique will be greatly appreciated.


Amanda said...

Want some input?

You know the flash isn't your friend in this situation! Take the container outside. If you have to take the picture in the container, take the top off and use the macro setting.

Melissa said...

I knew you'd come through!