Monday, April 30, 2007

Picture of the Day, take two.

Here is my second attempt at photographing Anna Marie's cocoon. I followed Amanda's suggestions: turn off the flash, take off the top, take it outside, and use the macro setting.

I think it turned out much better, except I didn't realize until now that the paint on the porch was the same color as the cocoon.



I had to go with mom this afternoon to take care of some stuff, and after we finished we hit Target. Look what I found in the Dollar spot!

I've been doing tons more cardmaking lately than I have scrapbooking. I suppose because it's on a smaller scale, and it's instant gratification.

Man, am I ever shallow.


I'm looking forward to working with these - they included the cards, and some cute embellishments!

(We also hit Payless. Jason needed some shoes, and, well, they were having BOGO, so I scored a pair for myself too. Funny thing is, I had no intention of buying shoes today - mom did, but she ended up not getting any. Go figure.)

Methinks that after I put little AM to bed tonight, I may have a date with some card making kits . . .


Valerie said...

i'm just as shallow. immediate gratification is my middle name!

doodlebugmom said...

oh pretty card kits. I wish I lived near target!

Melissa said...

Yeah, Linda, I wish I lived "near" one too - the closest one is half an hour away, and I don't get up there very often.