Monday, February 04, 2008

Here comes the bride!

I'm about to BLOW Blogger's mind with all these pictures.

We had such a good time with the wedding this weekend. Friday night was the most entertaining wedding rehearsal I've ever been to, and believe me, I've been to plenty.

(It was my first Catholic rehearsal, so I don't know - maybe they're all that way?)

I have to say, the priest was hilarious, and having someone in authority in charge of the rehearsal is a stroke of genius. No one is going to argue with a man of the cloth, the way they might with your Aunt Ethel who is coordinating things.

The church was spectacular, to say the least. After I had the honor of helping Marcia get dressed, I snapped a few pictures around the sanctuary.

This is the baptismal font. The priest said it had won an award for liturgical design. (And my mother walked past it - twice - without even noticing it.)

I even got all fancy-schmancy and put my camera into black and white mode. And turned off the flash, so I had brace myself against various things.

It was a beautiful ceremony, and the priest was very understanding, given that about 95% of the folks there had no idea what was going on. It was a Catholic wedding full of Baptists.

The priest did mention Marcia's aunt in the prayer, and her family was there. You could tell it was really hard for her husband and kids to be there. In fact, he took his grandson (who is 6) and left the reception early. They went to McD's so he could spend some time with him.

I was so exhausted afterward. I was also thankful that I had successfully worn high-heeled boots and walked up a ramp to the podium without slipping, and that I had managed to get through the scripture and the responsorial reading without making a total fool of myself.

Oh, yeah, and Friday night at the rehearsal dinner, Jason informed me that a couple from church was having a Super Bowl party at their house. Great. I had no time to do anything about it Friday or Saturday, so I braved the crowds and ventured to Walmart after church.

The man of the house was pulling for the Giants (who else, with Ole Miss alum Eli?) and he did not play. When his daughter grabbed the remote and changed the channel during a commercial, I thought she would not survive to see another morning.

We left during halftime, and, believe it or not, the two non-football-watching Turners finished the game after we got home.

And got to see little Eli make his family proud.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a murder trial starting this week. You may not see me around these parts for the rest of the week.


Paige said...

a wedding and then a murder trial? Wow! You live an exciting life.

Melissa said...

Yeah, not so exciting hearing the victim's daughter testify about finding his body.

I have been told, however, that it should only last a couple of days. I'm crossing my fingers AND my toes, because I can't take my purse (or cell phone, or iPod) in the courtroom and it's driving me up the wall!

Valerie said...

oy. a murder trial? are you covering or on jury duty?

that is the most beautiful Catholic church i've ever seen...i love the quotes over the doorways! it must have been a beautiful wedding - you look wonderful as well!

Melissa said...

I'm covering it, Valerie, which is actually a good deal better so far than jury duty. They've only shown the crime scene photos to the people in the box, and I've been on pins and needles trying to make sure I avoid any they might project on the screen.

Thanks for the compliment - I bought that dress while my dad was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago. It's WAY low-cut, so I had some strategically placed safety pins. Didn't want to be a distraction on Marcia's big day!

Susie Q said...

Now YOU love an exciting life don'tcha? Murder and marriage? Sounds like a book title.
The wedding pictures are so pretty and YOU looked wonderful! LOVE the dress!