Friday, February 22, 2008

It's time.

Today is the day.

It's "C" day.

As in, CORE.

As in, I'm in completely new (to me) diet territory.

I don't know why, but I'm kinda excited. Maybe it's because it's a new challenge, and I've been at WW so long that it's no longer a challenge to me. Maybe it's because its giving me some renewed hope of getting off this last 20 pounds.

Maybe it's because I won't feel "penalized" for eating fruit.

I've read and re-read the materials. I've packed up all my info and put it into my purse.

(I've made a Walmart run this morning, only to discover at the cash register that I'd left my wallet on the dining room table where I was counting out Anna Marie's lunch money.)

(Thankfully, I had the check book, and thankfully, the computer didn't randomly ask for my ID.)

I'm on a roll - I had a bowl of Fiber One (CORE) with 1% milk (non-CORE), some veggies (oh-so-CORE) and four glasses of water.

I've used one of my 35 points so far, and gotten in several of my Healthy Guidelines (water, veggies, milk, etc.) If I'd had some skim milk this morning, I wouldn't have used any. I can't bring myself to make Jason and AM drink skim, any more than they can bring themselves to drink it, so I may just buy a half-gallon of each.

(They drink milk straight up, and I only use it in cereal, so I shouldn't notice the difference. Much.)

Will I stick with CORE forever? Who knows. I know it can't hurt to purge the sugar and refined starches from my diet.

The experiment begins…


wendster said...


I am proud of you!

I am a bit envious as well.

Hmmmmmmm .... CORE.

It's calling to me!

Care to post a simplified guide line on your blog? The heck yes's and the big no no's as far as food is concerned?

I have Dr. Phil's book. I was thinking of trying it. I've read it ... it's the implementation that I am avoiding. Lol!

I could share that on my blog.

wendster said...

(I must hold the world record for longest comments. My bad!)

Melissa said...

No problem!

Valerie said...

wow. you have to let me know how that works!

i haven't done core, since...well...WAY before. like my first trips down the WW road.

many, MANY moons ago.

fingers crossed for you!!