Friday, February 01, 2008

Official "Thursday" Weigh-In

Yeah, it's Friday again.

I got home last night, and Jason was lamenting the demise of his laptop. He thinks it's a problem with the battery, but he has a replacement battery ordered that should be in today.

At any rate, the laptop was down and he was on the desktop. Having the nerve to inquire of me as to the location of my latest Walmart receipts.

The nerve.

Not that you missed anything - once again, no change. Still 159. We got a new digital scale at WW this week, and I was all psyched up to blame any gain I may have had on an inaccurate scale.

Our normal WW leader wasn't there, because her husband (who, as luck would have it, works in construction) was working at home and cut three of his fingers off.

Which, in my book, is equivalent to a chef getting food poisoning.

No worries - he had surgery, and I think they reattached the digits. Our Fearless Leader was at the hospital in Jackson with him. (Memphis is closer, with a trauma center, but they had no bone doctor available so the fingers would've just been amputated.)

My BFF Marcia is getting married tomorrow, and the rehearsal is tonight, so I've got a plan for today.

1. Quaker Weight-Control oatmeal for breakfast. My mom gave it to me (I don't think she liked it). I don't much care for the taste, either, but it does keep me full until lunch. Three POINTS.

2. Progresso 0-point soup for lunch. Even if I eat the entire can, it'll just set me back two POINTS.

3. I'll likely stop at WM after I drop AM off at school for veggies since I'm out, and nosh on them if I get hungry.

The dinner is being held at a Chinese buffet-turned-Southern buffet, which is still owned by the same Chinese family. And which still serves both Chinese and Southern-style food.

And which, in high school, my brother prank called and said, "Just how many ways are there to skin a cat, anyway?"

Apparently, they had caller ID, because the guy said, "I don't know, Mr. Randy."

"Randy?" said my brother, whose last name is Raney, "I don't know any Randy."



doodlebugmom said...

Enjoy the wedding tomorrow, will be bittersweet because of her recent loss.

Mel said...

Suddenly, I'm so grateful for all my fingers!

Although if they were cut off, I might lose half a pound.