Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm ready!

I'm ready for the holidays to be here!

Don't get me wrong - I haven't bought a turkey (HAHAHAHA! Like I'll even cook one! That's what Cracker Barrel is for!) or baked a pie, or truth be told, even cleaned off my dining room table.

I'm ready for it to be the holidays. I spent part of Saturday at our town's Christmas Open House, and now I want to put up my tree! I've got so many new ideas (not to mention a big container of brand new ornaments) that I want to try out.

No, I haven't bought a single present, but I'm ready for Christmas.

And I'm ready for it to be Thanksgiving, too. Not ready in the "got all the ingredients for my world-famous stuffing" (HAHAHAHA again!) sense but ready in the "I watched Food Network this weekend and I'm ready for some turkey and dressing" sense.

That kind of ready.

I'm ready for next Sunday night, when we'll have dinner and lots of funny skits at the Evening with the Turkeys. I'm ready to bake a dessert, and fix a side dish, and (if last year's reports are to be believed) laugh until my stomach hurts.

(Hey! It's cardio!)

I'm ready for the following Tuesday, when I'll chaperon Anna Marie's trip to the Pink Palace Museum, where they have the Festival of Trees and the Enchanted Forest.

(On that note, I'll have to take plenty of pictures - that Enchanted Forest is exactly the same now as it was when I was a kid, and my parents took me to see it. It's so cheesy, it's wonderful!)

And how could I forget, I'm ready for our annual Thanksgiving dinner here at the office, with food catered by a local restaurant, and a few minutes' break from the work-a-day world.

I feel like SpongeBob Squarepants, as he stands by his mailbox repeating "I'm ready! I'm ready!" over and over again.

I may regret saying this in another week - but I'm ready for it to be the holidays!


Irritable Mother said...

I'm getting ready...Bought a turkey today.
I have to do a little research about baking that turkey. I did it last year in a bag and it worked out quite well. I just don't remember exactly. But that's what the internet is for, right? *grin*
Enjoy all the days leading up to the holidays, too!

Valerie said...

me, too - i'm totally ready for the holidays to get here!

we've ordered our Thanksgiving dinner, i LOVE driving into the parking lot and having some teenage boy load a box of fully cooked food into my car, so all i have to do is heat & eat.

that, my friend, is how Lazy Girl does Thanksgiving.

Rachel said...

I'm ready too! I actually put my tree up Saturday after going to Christmas Open Houses. It's finally cold here and feeling like the holidays! Black Friday here I come!!!