Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well then. I've been having a scary amount of success in the past few days getting things accomplished.

I almost hesitate to report on my recent successes, for fear of the dreaded "jinx."

Saturday, for instance, went well. I did drop Anna Marie off (after successfully getting her hair into a bun!) and drive to Starbucks. I did pay for a cup of coffee what I'd normally spend on an entire meal, and I did spend an hour in there reading my book.

And then, my attention span did wane just a bit, so I went to Sam's to pick up our prints.

I was going to drive home after the show and cook dinner (read: OPEN A CAN OF SOUP) for the two of us since Jason was working, but I thought better of it and took her to Red Lobster instead. She's been asking to go (she hasn't been in nearly two years) and I figured it would be cheaper to buy one adult and one kid meal than for all three of us to go.

(I was right, but it was still more than I was comfortable spending for two people to eat.)

Sunday went well, too, despite the fact that I realized shortly before service started that I'd forgotten our towels. Luckily, I ran into the pastor's wife with a panicked look on my face in the hallway, and luckily, her daughter was being baptized too, and luckily, the pastor's study has a shower so they keep a few towels around.

Anna Marie was third out of a dozen folks getting dunked, and you could hear her before you could see her. Apparently, as I was running around like a crazy woman looking for towels, she was asking the children's pastor (who was giving everyone the run-down of the morning's goings-on) if the water would be warm.

"Yes, it will be warm," he said.

"Will it be hot?" she asked.

"No, but it'll be comfortable."

As she (and I) were stepping into the tank, she can be heard to say, "Oooh. It is warm!"

She started holding her nose and closing her eyes (I was holding the glasses) as soon as she got in, and she was so relaxed that her legs kept floating up to the top while the children's pastor was trying to talk to her!

We got a DVD, but I haven't gotten it ripped to a computer so I can show you guys yet.

Yesterday, I did come to work for a couple of hours (because I had a meeting to cover) and then I did go home, change into sweats, and curl up in bed to read some more.

And then Jason came home, and we ate lunch, and I finally finished my book - The Cat Who Robbed a Bank.

I'd been wanting to read this series for a while, and I think I'm going back for more. The main character in this book had the kind of life I'd like to have in a different life - he's independently wealthy because his mom's best friend left him a load of money. He lives in an old barn in a quaint little town "400 miles north of everywhere." He writes a column for the local paper a couple times a week. And he has two Siamese cats who help him solve crimes!

In my estimation, his life is just about perfect.

(Not that mine isn't, mind you, but sometimes I just get a little too caught up in the books I read!)

So, here's to celebrating success, and not jinxing it, and to getting all the important stuff done.


Dana D said...

I completely agree that sometimes it's worth the over-priced cost of Starbucks to enjoy some alone time! Though, I can't quite figure out why people consistently pay to drink that coffee daily?!?! I can think of a lot of other things to waste my money on!

And, I'm serious about the invite to go with all of us next year to the WM's Conference!

wendster said...

If that barn has heating, and the Siamese cats are friendly, I am ALL FOR that type of life.

Sign me up.

Good job getting everything done.

I am looking forward to seeing the baptism tape.

I loved when my kids were baptized. It's like the best day ever.

ha ha the word verification word looks like "bacon"