Thursday, November 06, 2008

Official Thursday Weigh-In

First off, let me apologize that I haven't really been the best at making the bloggy-rounds this week. Between my normal first-week meetings, and this election (which, in my county, is ending in a runoff for some offices, God help us all), colliding with my second week of having to do a special edition - well, I'm just all tapped out.

Apparently, though, my fat isn't tapped out, because some of it is still there - I stayed the same this week, holding steady at 146.5 for the third week in a row.


And about that election - I've stayed away from politics here, other than to urge you to go to the polls, because quite frankly I have to deal with it in my everyday life and sometimes I just get sick of hearing it. And I'll not comment on the outcome of the presidential race, other than to say that I'm rather ashamed - not that we elected who we did, but that it took such a polarizing race to get everyone to vote. In my county, we had something like 70% turnout, which is probably a low estimate, because there are probably a good number of dead/relocated voters still on the rolls.

NO WHERE in the "rulebook" does it say that we need to vote just when we really like one candidate, or really don't like another. It shouldn't take the prospect of making history to get us to the polls - because in reality, we make history every time we cast our vote.

So let that be a lesson to all of you who rarely cast a ballot (which I know is NONE of my readers, because you're all bright and civic minded folks). You can make a difference, even if your candidate doesn't win. Yours will at least be one less vote that he/she lost by, and you will still have let your voice be heard. And the next time there is an election in your city, state, or county, don't sit back and think that it isn't important - because EVERY time we exercise our duty as citizens, it IS important.

(Ok. Getting off my soapbox now. Will see you all tomorrow!)

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wendster said...

I voted!!!

AND I commented on all of your posts I missed.

Very enjoyable!