Friday, November 14, 2008

Official "Thursday" Weigh-In

Oh, dear.

This doesn't look good.

After getting to an all-time low weight of 146.5 a few weeks ago, I have now lost ground and regained weight.

148 is what I weigh this week, up a pound and a half. I almost didn't go weigh in last night (how many times have I said that?) because of the bad day I'd been having, but I did, and I owned up to it, and I'm moving on.

And today is Jason's birthday, and I have no idea what he wants for dinner because all he's given me is his usual "uh um uh."

(Sorry - I don't know the onomatopoeia for the shoulder shrug and mumbled "I don't know" that I get as the answer to EVERY SINGLE QUESTION I EVER ASK HIM.)


So - hopefully both Anna Marie (who got on red again yesterday!) and I will have better days ahead of us.


Valerie said...

oh CRUD.
poor miss AM. poor you, too!

wendster said...

Getting on red ...

Weighing 1.5 pounds higher ...


Our ever so capable Anna Marie will turn this around in no time. Soon she'll be the super star of green-ness and the envy of the room.

And 1.5 lbs? pfffffttttttttt.

You've lost SO MUCH MORE THAN 1.5 lbs. You've done it before and you'll do it again.

You are the GRAND MASTER CHAMPION of losing 1.5 lbs x ... crap ... I can't do math with decimals. 1.5 x whatever number makes the answer 80 lbs. ... something like 53? 55? How about 54 ... ? It's super dang close. Cuz 54 times 1 = 54 (thank you captain obvious) and 54 x .5 is 27 and that's a grand total of 81. rAts . I went over. 53 times 1 is 53 and 53 times .5 is ... 26.5 ... that equals 79.5 ... hmmm. . .. . OOH OOH OOOH ... final answer: 53.3

You are the GRAND MASTER CHAMPION .. what was I saying up top? Oh yes. You are the GRAND MASTER CHAMPION of losing 1.5 pounds times 53.3!!!! You've lost that much MORE THAN 53 TIMES NOW.

And you'll do it again.

You go girl.

You can do it.

(Betcha didn't think I would get back to my point there, huh? lol)

Easy time. You can do this in your sleep. I believe in you.