Saturday, November 08, 2008

Making plans

Good Saturday morning to you all, Bloglanders!

I hope yours is peaceful and productive.

I'm catching up on my blog reading (on which I was WOEFULLY behind), and drinking coffee, and watching the second season of Picket Fences on (hooray that they finally loaded another season!). Multitasking!

Anna Marie has a Nutcracker performance today. This year, as a first grader, she gets to be a soldier - a good guy! I won't get to see today's show, though, because none of the rest of my family can come so we're going to her next performance on November 16.

(That is, IF we can ever get our rears in gear and buy our tickets! Ooops!)

After I drop her off, I'm going to pick up some pictures that Amanda took yesterday and put in at Sam's for developing, and look something like this:

And then, I'm going to go to Starbucks! And I'm taking a book to read! And I'm going to order some coffee and read my book and pass the time until it's time to pick Anna Marie back up from the theater.

And then, we'll be on our own tonight because Peansaps Catering has a job, and I have NOT volunteered to help - I figure that Anna Marie will be pretty exhausted by the time she finishes the ballet, and we'll just come home and watch movies and veg out.

And then, tomorrow (if nothing rips, breaks, or tears) Anna Marie will be getting baptized! As a parent, there is no greater joy than seeing your child progress in their relationship with God. She's been asking about getting baptized for a while, and tomorrow we're having a baptismal service, so tomorrow is the day.

And I get to go into the pool with her, which I think will help her nerves a great deal.

(That, by the way, is what I meant by "rips, breaks, or tears." I think she'll be fine, although a little nervous about getting up in front of the whole congregation.)

In a few minutes I'll have to get my shower done, so that I can get Anna Marie's shower done, so that I can finagle a way to put her hair in a bun. A bun! Aaaah!

Have a great day, everyone - and I hope that all your plans for today go well.


wendster said...

I still remember when my first three children were baptized.

The coolest day(s) ever. Amen and amen.

And I love that picture of AM in front of those yellow tree leaves in her brown sweater. That picture is ALL about fall! It really utilizes her great hair color and beautiful skin.

I wish AM luck in her part as a soldier.

Love love love

Paige said...

That is a DARLING picture of AM! Just Darling. And I hope the baptism goes smoothly. That is wonderful!

Steff said...

You know I was busy doing my least favorite chore (cleaning) but there is something very peaceful and fulfilling about going to sleep in a bed with clean sheets in a house that any white gloved lady could walk into. Sigh...yep this weekend has been pretty good!

Susie Q said...

Blessings to AM on such a big day!!

That photo is so precious...that child just glows!

Your weekend sounds like a perfect one to me!

How I wish I could see AM in The Nutcracker!


Valerie said...

LOVE that photo with all the oranges and reds.

i remember being baptized, and thinking that the pastor at church was trying to drown me, cuz it felt like he was holding me under for-flipping-ever!