Thursday, November 20, 2008

Official Thursday Weigh-In

So, apparently the last three weeks have been some sort of fluke.

Because I lost two pounds this week.

146 is my current weight, or 91 pounds total lost.

No weigh-in next week, as I will be joining the rest of the country in our sacred national tradition of stuffing my face with everything in front of me.

(I kid! I kid! Only half of the stuff in front of me! Portion control!)

The scary part is - I have THREE Thanksgiving dinners this week, and this is just the beginning of the "serious eating" season.

Heaven help us all!

1 comment:

wendster said...

Maybe you could just LOOK at the Thanksgiving dinners?

just kidding.

But you'll do fine if you just don't pile up your plate too high. And if you don't eat TOO much pie, yes?

But we mustn't skip the pie.

It loves us and will be crushed if we don't have a piece of it.