Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And now for the week's soccer pictures

(And again, many thanks to Amanda. I don't know what parents do who don't have their Own Personal Paparazzo following their kids around. I guess they must have to take pictures or something. Me? I just get pregnant, pop out The Worlds Cutest Kid, and let the photography ensue. It's great.)

I don't know what she was talking to Abbi about in this picture. However, I do know that Abbi's grandfather is like the head of the Tate County Republican Party or something, so they could've been discussing politics. Anna Marie has also been watching more Fox News now that Aunt Debi is around, so they could very well be forming their own branch of the Tate County Junior Republicans.

I believe in this picture she is practicing her karate moves while on the sidelines. Except, she doesn't take karate. She just likes to practice it on the sidelines during soccer.

And one last photograph. Although you'll notice no Anna Marie, it is a pretty good showing of how CUTEY McCUTE CUTE these kids are in their too-big soccer uniforms (or kits, as they're called across the pond).

By the way, we seem to be making some progress. The coach told me Saturday that she was "funny" and that he was beginning to be able to understand what she was saying to him. In fact, he understood her perfectly when she told him that she was GROWLING AT THE OTHER TEAM! Seems she thought that little tactic would intimidate them.

Judging by the ratio of their goals to ours, I don't think it worked.

Note for next week: growling, as a form of intimidation, is unsportsmanlike and very probably frowned on in church soccer league circles.


Lissete said...

Super cute pictures! I bet you can spot that gorgeous red hair a mile away! Love it!

Melissa said...

Thanks! And yes, she always stands out in a crowd!