Saturday, September 02, 2006

Too tired to post a picture.

If I did, it would have to be a picture of me. But, I wouldn't want to alarm anyone.

I've been at work since 7:30 a.m. It is now 12:05 a.m. I left work 10 MINUTES AGO.

As you may know, I work for a newspaper. We publish a magazine every fall called "Welcome to Tate County."

Now, this was all well and good the first couple of years. We had an editor who was FABULOUS at designing things. He also did very, very little other work, so he could hole himself up in his office for a weekend and get the pages put together.

However, last year all that changed. The editor decided he'd rather work in the airline industry and travel to fabulous locations meeting fabulous people than have to answer to his dad at a dumb newspaper in some dumb county where you can't even buy liquor legally.

So, last year, his mom paid him no-telling-what to put the magazine together. Bought him a new laptop and everything. Except he didn't do much in the way of the putting together of the magazine. I still ended up doing a good bit of the work. Thankfully, the articles were all written (by other people) before I became News Editor.

This year, our publisher dedcided we'd do it all in house. Plus, thanks to the aforementioned "magic brownies" I had no intern to help me. I had to write nearly every speck of copy myself (except for a couple of articles from the local college and home for those with mental handicaps) and take nearly every single stinkin' picture. Myself. IN ADDITION TO MY REGULAR WORK.

I spent about four hours on Saturday getting ahead for this week. We then had a short deadline because of Labor Day. So, I had all day today to work.

And I did.

And it's done.

And I'm glad.

I could have posted a picture of the cover of the magazine (which my sister did a FABULOUS job on, by the way) but it could very well get me fired. We have this "no scooping" policy, which means that I can get fired on the spot if I tell someone what's coming out in the paper before the day the paper comes out.

So, no picture. At least not now anyway.

I spent two hours of my life making PDF files, and another two hours uploading those files to a server in Michigan.

I'm tired. My contacts are getting dry. But, I'm too wound up to go to sleep, so I need to unwind a little.

In the morning, I'll be able to more fully appreciate the magnitude of what took place today.

(Oh, and many, MANY thanks to Jason, who, after taking Anna Marie to McDonald's for dinner, stopped by the office with ice cream and parfaits for me, Amanda, and Shirley. I would've probably fallen out from malnutrition, or worse, hit the vending machine, if he hadn't done that. Thanks dear!)

(By the way, I didn't have both the ice cream and the parfait. He brought a couple of each so we'd have a choice. I had the parfait. Although, McDonald's ice cream isn't a bad deal nutritionally speaking, so I could've had it. But I digress.)


Babykins said...

Congratulations. Now sit down and do something for yourself. You deserve it.

Melissa said...

If only I had time to do something for myself! At least my sister took Anna Marie on Friday night, so I could sleep late!