Monday, September 18, 2006

Party dilemma solved.

Amanda and I were taking a spin around Target's birthday stuff last week, when inspiration hit us.


Not like the movie, even though she LOVES that movie. Just robots in general, since she LOVES robots in general.

I can't even explain how much this kid is into robots. But, we figured that a robots-themed party would provide some pretty interesting opportunities for games and crafts.

Posted above is the invitation I made in Publisher. (Oh, how I hate that program, but it's all we have.) I printed it on postcard stock, partly because I already had it (and I didn't have to spend the money on it) and partly because I knew it would be cheaper to mail. I figure the less money I put out on invites, the more money I had for other birthday things.

Like a mini soccer goal, which is what I really want to get her. Or the Thomas coal station I already got her on clearance last week. Or some sort of pinata, which she saw at James Michael's first birthday party and thought was really cool.

So, I'll get these sent off, and then comes the fun part - coming up with robot-themed game, craft, and food ideas.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Valerie said...

couldn't you make rice krispy treats into thicker, square blocks & decorate like a robot? Frosting glue gumdrops to the top & sides, and make faces with remaining frosting?

Here's a link i found on Google...

good luck! valerie

Melissa said...

Thanks Valerie! That's a great idea. And thanks for the link!