Thursday, September 07, 2006

Veni, Vidi, Vici

(Yes, I know that's my (probably) slightly garbled attempt at Latin, and that it stands for "I came, I saw, I conquered. And that this post has nothing to do with any of that stuff. But I didn't take Latin, I took Spainish, and I didn't know a cool catchphrase for any of the stuff this post IS about.)

I ate too much.

I exercised too little.

I gained two pounds this week.

I could blame it on "stress" or "my time of the month" or a dozen other things, but the bottom line is, it has more to do with "chocolate overload cake" and "pizza twice in one week" and "some more delicious cake made by Amanda involving candied ginger and carrots.

And "not enough water" and "not enough fruits or veggies" and "sitting on my behind all week covering meetings of public officials."

I do this every couple of months or so, which makes me question whether I'm getting this whole "lifestyle change" thing, even after more than a year. I guess I am, but it's just that my "lifestyle" will not make me promise to never eat those things again. I don't eat chocolate overload cake every day. I don't eat pizza that often - this was just a freak twice-in-one-week thing, and neither pizza had anything like meat on it. I usually get my water and veggies in, but something about this week has just been "off."

And I realize that, even though for the first time in a year I didn't write down a SINGLE thing I put in my mouth (I was "keeping up with it" in my head) that before I started caring what I ate, I'd probably have done worse. MUCH worse.

My resolve is now strengthened for next week.

And, as someone once said, "onward and upward," or in my case, "onward and downward."

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