Friday, September 29, 2006

Happy birthday, Mom!

Today is my mother's birthday.

She'll probably kill me for telling this, but she's 53. I say that because I think she looks pretty good for her age.

She tells folks, "God preserves His saints." I don't know where that scripture reference is, but it's in the Veronica Raney Standard Version, I guess.

This picture was taken in August at my cousin's step-son's wedding. It's my mom Veronica and my dad Jesse. Yes, my dad wore that shirt to a wedding. It's just his style.

Of course, Amanda took it. Shame on me, never taking pictures of my mom. SHAME!

Last year we went to Spaghetti Warehouse. I don't know what's happening this year. All I know is that she and my dad have taken my Aunt Debi to pick her SUV up from the body shop (she had a wreck several weeks ago). Then, I imagine my dad will make my mom go get her driver's license renewed. She was supposed to have done that yesterday, but I think she went shopping instead. She asked me if they'd give her a few days grace period.

Um, NO!

That's just the way my mother's mind works. Always with the priorities (shopping vs. getting DL renewed.) She could've done it online, but like me, she WAAAY too vain for that. She wanted a new picture. I can't really say much in that department, since I waited in line for two hours just so I could get a new snapshot.

One funny age-related story about my mom: about three years ago, she and my dad were outside of a store and they were "trying out" a yard swing - you know, the ones with a canopy and a metal frame.

Before her bottom touched the seat, she heard her tailbone crack. (I think the scientific name is "coxxix")

My dad called 911, and when they asked him how old my mom was, he said "50." Now keep in mind, my mom is the type that when she gets hurt, she almost faints. At this point I'm sure she was near blackout stage.

The accident happened in June. Her birthday wasn't until September.

What does she shout, through the fog of excruciating pain?

"I'm not 50 yet!"

Happy birthday, Mom.

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