Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You know who these guys are, don't you?

How have I missed doing a post on this? It's all over teh intarwebs, and I feel I must chime in.

The New Kids on the Block are getting back together!

Reunited and it feels so good!

Ok, so that wasn't their song, but I'm trying to keep some of their other stuff from becoming embedded too deeply in my ears.

My devotion for those Bostonians knew no bounds in the late 80's and early 90's. They came to Memphis when I was in the eighth grade, and I couldn't afford tickets, so I tried to win them off the radio.

(And then, the day after the concert, a friend divulged she had an extra!)

I had to share my room with Amanda, and I didn't have any pictures up, but Marcia - her room was a shrine to those guys. Her room was upstairs, and there was this angled spot in the transition between the wall and the ceiling. Just the right spot for a poster of Jordan Knight, above her bed.

He was the first thing she saw every morning and the last thing at night.

That year for her birthday, she spent $50 (I think) on a book full of photos of them - which fell apart the first time we looked at it.

Even though I thought Jordan was the cutest, my daydreams centered around Joey because he was the youngest. I would imagine he was singing "I'll be Lovin' You" straight to me, over my mom's stereo.

(Did I just admit that? Out loud?)

I think this time, Marcia and I need to get together and go see them if they come anywhere near here. I think we'd all be ashamed to admit all of the lyrics we still know.

I can't remember when they fell out of favor - perhaps when they released doll versions of themselves? When I got to high school and focused my attention on Freedom Williams (the big muscle-y guy from C + C Music Factory)?

Who knows. I'm just waiting to see what comes of the (New) New Kids on the Block.

Or, as Marcia just texted me, "Old Dudes on the Block."


Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

My mom is excited.. I've already asked our stations in Jackson to score some free tickets if they come there... so maybe you can just drive down and go with us!

Valerie said...

how about "Old Dudes on the Walkers"?

i know. that was wrong.

all i remember is when a girl i worked with got married about 7 years ago, she had drawings at her reception and gave away stuff.

that she bought at the 99cents store. and she was serious about it.

my good friend, The Other Melissa, got invited, and won. twice.
she got NKOTB stationary AND a book on alcoholism. nice, huh?

Melissa said...

Heather - that sounds great. Keep me posted!

Valerie - that's too funny. These days (and I am NOT making this up) I discovered, among the Valentine's themed stuff at our local dollar tree: vinyl window clings of one Ms. Britney Spears.

Yes. That's right. Circa "Oops I did it again."

Wonder how old THOSE things are?

Susie Q said...

Every girl in our neighborhood loved them so much. They were all about 5-12 and soooo in love. Dan had just arrived from Korea and had no idea about a lot of things. My devious brother taught him to say "New Kids Suck" when he got to the bus stop one morning. Thankfully the girls took pity on him and taught him to say, "My Uncle is a rat". I am sure his English as a second language teacher was really happy 'bout it all.