Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Can we talk about karma for a minute?

Surely, you are all familiar with the concept.

If you aren't just watch a few episodes of My Name is Earl. I'll be waiting here while you get up to speed.

Back? Good.

This, my friends, is a story about karma. It's a story about what happens when you go to get water from your office water cooler, only to discover that the bottle is empty. And you then proceed to ignore the empty bottle, hoping that someone with a bit more upper body strength will notice the lack of water and change the bottle.

You know what happens when you act like you never saw the empty bottle?

You go back for water the next day, and it's still empty. And you're wearing a white shirt, which is bad, because those ridiculously heavy jugs are sitting on the nasty, nasty floor.

And, despite your best efforts, not only do you get some of that funk on your clothes, you also manage to splash water all over the back wall of the breakroom, and some on yourself.

And you're really glad there aren't any cameras back there, because then someone would see you trying to lift one leg up to perch on the nearby shelf, so that you can rest that dirty, heavy, splashing jug on your knee and get a better grip. And they would see that your legs are just too dang short, and won't reach the shelf, and that you have to wait for at least 1/3 of the water to splash into the cooler before that bottle is light enough for you to hoist in the hole.

And what is your reward for all that hard work? Room temperature water, because the reservoir was empty and there hasn't been any water in there getting cold.

Because you didn't refill the cooler yesterday, when you first noticed it was empty.

That, my friends, is karma.


Susie Q said...

Now I am laughing...not AT you but WITH You. Karma and I go waaaay back. Perhaps not as serious a relationship as it and Earl have but we do know one another. *smile*

You write a wonderful story sweetie.

Love to you all,

Amanda said...

Oh Melissa. You know good and darn well that every time I had to deal with those water jugs, I both soaked and maimed myself in the process.

Our upper body strength is clearly not well-suited to such tasks.

Melissa said...

So I'm telling Jason this story on the way to church last night, and he has two questions.

1. Why was I trying to support the weight of the jug with my left hand, when I'm clearly right-handed?

I don't know. I've actually never tried it the other way. I guess I thought it was more important to have my dominant hand to guide the neck of the bottle into the reservoir.

2. Why didn't I call Travis?

Because! I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself - just because he's the only guy in the office, doesn't mean we ladies can't do anything for ourselves!

It took me a few minutes to recover from that line of questioning.

wendster said...

Good ol karma.

You created a vivid picture for me ... I can just picture you hefting that bottle, the splashing, the challenge of keeping it right side up ... good job!
And future karma probably says that someone else will appreciate your efforts and do it the next time.

That ... or you'll get so buff and strong from all of this exercising you do that you'll be able to pick it up as if it were nothing!