Sunday, April 06, 2008

I must say it was a good day

With apologies to Ice Cube, of course. Especially since I really didn't have to use my AK.

Ever have one of those days that when you wake up, you have no idea what the day holds?

Such was my Saturday.

It started out VERY good, as I slept until 10 a.m. That's a very good start to any day that I don't have somewhere scheduled to be! Anna Marie was at mom's which is a pity for mom, because my little red head didn't afford her the same luxury. Her internal clock still woke her up at the appointed time to get to school - pre-7 a.m.

That's what grandparents are there for, folks. Taking the lumps to give us a break.

Anyway - I skipped the coffee, since at 10 a.m. I wasn't really struggling to get moving, but I was just sitting down to my yogurt and strawberries when the phone rang. It was my mom, saying they were going to the next county over to a free museum, and they really wanted us to come.

Now, Jason was already dressed, but I had to take a shower. I asked her to give me 20 minutes. I ate my breakfast while I gathered my things, and I was ready before they got here.

Tunica was quaint. Well, the parts that haven't been overtaken by the casinos, that is. We ate at a diner that used to be a gas station. I had a vegetable plate - you know, three sides. This, while I watched the rest of my family scarf down hamburgers and onion rings.


After the museum, we came back home. Did I tell you that Jason has been waiting with bated breath to upgrade our cell phones? I'd be surprised if I didn't, because that's mostly all he's been talking about for weeks now. Our upgrade date was supposed to be today (Sunday), but when we got home yesterday he got on the ole WWW to check.

It had been moved up. We grabbed the kid and ran to the next county, since down here they were out of these:

(I got the red one!)

Walmart had a deal to get them for $48 each. Now, you may wonder what in the world I'm doing with a smartphone. I'm wondering that myself. But it has a qwerty keyboard, so it should make my texting habit that much more bearable.

Except, the Walmart we went to didn't have them. So we drove another 15 miles and found one that did. (Except - no red ones! Boo!) But guess what - no SIM cards! How do you send a store a bunch of phones and only a handful of the cards that make them work? The nice girl at the counter advised us to go to the ATT store nearby and buy the cards (at $26 a pop?) and come back to buy the phones from her.


But never fear - when we got to the store, my courageous husband convinced a nice young man named Tremaine to price match Walmart's price! So we got the phones for half of what the store wanted! And we didn't have to buy the SIM cards! Which saved us another $50!

The atmosphere in the store was one of great unity, because - the clerks were all wearing the colors of the University of Memphis. Go Tigers Go! (That's the name of their fight song, for those of you who didn't grow up in the Mid South.) We were in the store during the game, and one of the managers kept checking the score on his iPhone. Man, were we all ever excited!

But not nearly as excited as when I checked the score later, and found out they'd won! Who'd have thought a bunch of thugs (because really, most of these guys have rap sheets) from little ole' Memphis could get this far?

No offense to any Kansas fans out there, but we're going to win tomorrow night. I'm just sayin'.

Oh, and did I mention that I went to the grocery store, and thanks to some coupons from my mom and some help from my new best friend, The Grocery Game, saved 64% on my bill?

That, my friends, makes it a really, REALLY good day.

To sum up: sleeping in, museum, Blackjack II, big grocery savings, and Memphis in the finals.

Yep. And I don't even need to see a blimp scrolling the words "Melissa's a pimp."


Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

You will LOVE texting on your new smart phone. I have a loaner right now while mine is being fixed and I can't text anymore. I mean I can, but not when all the letters share a key. It's too hard.

i don't have that one, but I have one similar and seriously, you won't know how you lived with out it!

Steff said...

I love it! I volunteered to help with Saturday tutoring so I'm getting up at 6am SIX days a week. I envy you getting to sleep late. And girl...props to you for being smarter than the blueberry! Or whatever it is called. Hahah!