Thursday, April 24, 2008

Official Thursday Weigh-In

(For once, I'm going to get the numbers done first - promise me you'll keep reading? Promise?)

152. Up a pound for last week, but it's "one of those weeks." If you know what I mean. And I think that you do.

And what a week I've had! (I say that a lot, don't I? But it's often true.)

When last we spoke, Jason's nephew was just diagnosed with a set of fused kidneys. Thanks for all your well wishes - and your suggestions. Jason hasn't spoken with his mother, so we don't know how the kiddo is doing.

My GM came up with the (wonderful! great! stupendous!) idea for us to produce a special section in honor of the Mayfair festival that our town throws each year, the Saturday before Mother's Day. I spent big chunks of time working on it Tuesday, and then all day yesterday - only to find out at 4:30 that I'd left out a couple of articles! I got them put in, but had to leave to get Anna Marie from dance, fix dinner for the two of us, and get us to church.

Ergo, I had to return to the office at 9 p.m. last night to finish sending my pages to the press.

Oh, and then this morning - I somehow oversleep by 15 minutes, even though my alarm apparently started going off on time! How'd that happen? I'd like to know!

I get to work, and sit down to start on today's page, and the computer won't let me save any pages. The hard drive was full!

Huh? You mean that server hard drive isn't infinite? It only has 72 gigs of space? And I can't expect that my 2,200 pictures backed up, along with six months of pages, can't live there with everyone else's stuff?

For the record - the page editor is supposed to clean out her news folders every week or two. There was stuff on that server from before she got there, oh, a year ago. When Amber started cleaning her folders, we immediately jumped up to 14 gigs!

And, when the computer system was purchased, only three of us had data on the server. Since then, the server that was being used by the classified department died and instead of buying another one, that information was moved to our computer.

I spent nearly three hours this morning cleaning my stuff off the server. Fortunately, I'd nearly finished writing my feature story for today so I didn't have much work to do.


The best part of this week though - I found out yesterday that I'm going to Biloxi for the press convention this summer! Time to go bathing suit shopping! Whee!

(Think I could get Jason to spring for a Mystic tan a few days before we leave? I'm pretty pasty these days.)

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wendster said...

One pound? That's what I call holding the line! Way to go! I am really proud of you. You are setting a GREAT example for me and I appreciate it!
kb's gb's ... they're all the same to me. My computer crashed that one time because I had SO MANY PICTURES stored on it it had no memory left to do ANYTHING. They're JUST pictures. I had no idea why THAT should affect anything.

Good job getting those stories done.
(I LOVE Monty Python! Recipe is posted.)