Friday, April 18, 2008

You know what I'm doing tonight.

Bonding with the SciFi geek I've been married to for nearly 10 years now over the new season of Dr. Who.

Yeah, baby. You know it.


Teresa said...

LOL, Love this post..... I know you've said in previous post that you now like the SciFi Channel... My hubby is a SciFi Friday "Freak".... I just enjoy my time while he is glued to the TV as I do not watch it..... T

wendster said...

Do you guys read Isaac Asimov too?

He has a great kids book.

And if I remembered the title, I'd tell you! Something about a fever .... but the kid with the fever FIGURES OUT that its' NOT a fever ... it's an ALIEN INVASION!

It's good.

oh oh oh and WAY TO ROCK THE WEIGHT LOSS!!!!

OH MY GOSH ... you'll be there in no time!