Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today has GOT to be better than yesterday.

Especially since a girl I went to college with set us up with a networking site, and I'm totally addicted now, and folks are starting to visit here.

(Hello all you fellow EC-ers! Welcome! I promise that not every post is as controversial as the last couple of days!)

The site is great - I really miss all the folks I knew back then. Since Jason and I moved so far away, we never have any contact with them. And then I Googled my friend Rachel (Hi Rach!), who still lives in that area, last weekend, and well, the rest is history.

(That's Rachel over on the blogroll. She's a teacher, and she likes to take pictures of funny church signs. And if she'd supply me with her email address (HINT HINT) I'd gladly send her some from around here. Go visit her!)

Our 10-year reunion is this year (usually graduation weekend) but I'm not going to be able to go, what with the 500 mile distance and the rising crude oil prices and all.

I loved college. LOVED it. The college we attended was small - just a couple thousand students total - and that helped everyone get to know one another better. Sure, I had some awful experiences. Everyone does. But if I could pick one time in my life to go back to, I think that would be it.

I have such great memories - driving 45 minutes to get to the dollar movie, Burger King Whopper runs just before curfew for a 99 cent burger and an ice water, the Arby's value menu (with the added bonus that with a student ID we got our drink free if we bought two things!), hanging out at the EC Cafe with Jason and our friends.

(Gaining 30 lbs. eating that great Cafe food that Jason provided, however, is not one of my fonder memories.)

(Notice how 3/4 of the memories I just referenced involved food. Very telling.)

We were so far out in the sticks, we did some pretty odd things for fun. One night, a group of us loaded up in Jason's two-door Sentra and drove what should've been about an hour to see a big outdoor Christmas lights display. Except we got lost, and drove around in the dark Georgia night for many, many more hours. And Jason let his roommate Ron drive, and Ron kept turning off the headlights and driving in the dark. And then we stopped for gas, and went through the car wash, and as the dryers were coming around Ron rolled his window down and laughed maniacally into the force of the hot air.

(Yes, we did finally find the light show. And then we had to turn right around and come back to campus to get home before curfew.)

On the weekends I was on campus (before I started going to Jason's) we'd sneak into the classroom building (yes, there was one main building for most of the classes) and play "Sardines." The building wasn't locked until late on Friday night, so we could get in. (There was also a game called "I need a shrink" but I can't exactly remember how that one went. Help me out college folks!)

Even if gas wasn't an issue, I couldn't go to graduation weekend because of scheduling conflicts - this year, it's on the Saturday before Mother's Day, and that's the day of our big Mayfair here in town and I have to work covering it.

But now, thanks to Brianne, we have a way to reconnect. It's like a reunion, except I don't have to leave my seat! Brilliant!

What in the world did we ever do before the internet?


DeDe said...

I agree that I am so excited to be able to be in touch with friends from the past. I really love reading your blog. I just see you struggling with the water bottle. I truly believe that men should have to do that job for women. They are to ackward. Take care and thanks for sharing your blog with us. DeDe

wendster said...

Wow! That sounds like magic that you can find old friends that easily! Wow wow wow.
And loved your old memories. The driving in the dark, the late night runs. Sounds like fun. I was a solitary person who just went to a local jc not ten minutes from home, so I don't have those kinds of memories. But they sure sound like you enjoyed them!
What is "Sardines"? Will you tell us how to play?
Same for "I need a shrink" if you find out how to play that.

I'm gonna google it. Maybe someone has posted directions?

Have a great day!

And yes. .. maybe my hubby will find a better job. But I sure hope it's soon.

Melissa said...

Hey DeDe! Thanks for stopping by!

Wendy: Sardines - the way we played it - was like a reverse "hide and go seek." One person hid, and the rest of the group tried to find them. When you did, you had to hide with them - usually it was under a desk in an office, or in a closet, or even in a restroom stall. The smaller the space, and the more people crammed in there, the funnier it was.

On the "I need a shrink" game, I think I remember it involved deciding that you were an alternate person (like a doctor, or in one case, a stick figure) and the other folks asked you questions to figure out who you were. And if someone was getting closer, you yelled "I need a shrink" and everyone switched places. Maybe that was it - maybe the person in a certain chair was it. And the folks were in teams, and the whole team knew what the answer was.

I think it might be coming back to me!