Friday, April 04, 2008

Rain, rain, go away!

Come again another day,

Little Lissa wants to play!

(Or at least go outside without having to dodge raindrops!)

In a couple of months, we'll all be praying for rain, but really, surely God knows it isn't doing us any good all at one time!

It seems like its been raining forever - in fact, yesterday afternoon the sun came out for a short while and the brightness was blinding. I just had to go outside for a few minutes and bask - bask - in the sunshine.

And then it was gone.

And now, we're back to the thunderstorms.

Anna Marie is going on a field trip today to see Horton Hears a Who (Yeah, wish they'd told me that BEFORE I spent the money to take her, but, whatever.) They were supposed to go to her favorite park in the whole wide world afterwards and have a picnic, but it's just too darn wet! So it looks like the classes will be eating their sack lunches in the classrooms.

I know April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, but at this rate, we'll be living in a tropical rainforest soon.


Rain, rain, go away . . .


Lissete said...

Looks like the rain is working itself down to us. Should be here just in time for the weekend.

wendster said...

... what state do you live in again?

a liquid state?

Hope you get back to solid state again soon.

Sheila said...

Hope you get some dryer weather soon! We get a lot in April too. "April showers bring May flowers!" lol

I heard "Horton Hears a Who" is a good movie. That's a nice field trip!