Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jason and Melissa's excellent adventure

Of a whole week ago!

I would've done this post sooner, but the pictures were on my new phone, and I don't have a memory card for it yet, so I have to use the software and a USB cable to get them off, and I can only do that at home, and I'm just not home all that much.


Last Saturday, Jason and I dropped Anna Marie off with my mom (her choice, to be sure) and trekked to Memphis to one of our favorite places:

A fabulous kitchen supply store called Lit!

It doesn't look like much from the outside, but just take a peek at the plethora of professional kitchen stuff inside:

And, in the back, they have bulk items like plates and flatware.

We got some stuff for the auction kitchen, and for us a couple of new whisks and a stainless steel container we're using to store our cooking utensils on the stove.

Oh, and for Amanda, a cake knife like a real, live chef would use. She's legit now, y'all!

Across the street is a store that I figured out is unique to Memphis (I think):

In case you can't read that signage, it's called the "New York SUIT Exchange!" Isn't that a clever name for a clothing store? Jason bought the suit he wore to his sister's wedding there last year, because they usually have a great deal going: buy a suit (of surprisingly good quality) for $100, and they throw in a shirt, a tie, a belt, and a pair of socks FOR FREE. He also got a nice pair of shoes for an extra $33.

And sometimes, if you spend $200 on a suit, they throw in three shirts, three ties, and three belts. I don't know how they do it, but it sure was the deal we were looking for last summer.

We had to get to Lit pretty early, because they close at noon on Saturdays. We stopped at Abners on the way home - now officially my favorite chicken finger place. Grilled, y'all! They have grilled chicken fingers! And baked potatoes! The best baked potato I think I've ever eaten!

(And no, I haven't registered my complaint with Zaxby's yet. For one, I'm still trying to locate an address so I can mail them a letter, and for two, I was waiting to go to Abner's, since that's their main competition down here, to see what kind of healthy options they have.)

Today, we aren't so much into excellent adventures - unless you count me walking 10 minutes to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things so I could get more exercise and conserve gas. Today we're more into doing some stuff around the house - Jason and Anna Marie are outside doing yard work, and when she comes in we're finally going to use the cookie baking set my mother got her for Valentines's Day.

Have a great weekend everyone!


wendster said...

Hey! We have that kind of store out here, but it isn't big and pretty like that one. Just a hole in the wall where you buy THREE suits and get all of the shirts, belts, socks, etc. free with them.
Or do you buy two and get one free?
Think it's buy three and get the stuff. I got them for Lee and for Rob and they are REALLY nice quality and the service is good too!
I went and checked out Amanda's blog. I loved her photos of England! Very nice.
Saw the cute photo of AM holding the Aunt Manda sign too. By the way, please tell the young author that her public awaits her. I've been checking back for new posts.

p.s. I am at 182.5 The lowest I have been "post Tristan". Thanks for your encouragement!

Melissa said...

Wendy, that's great! I saw your comments on AM's blog the other day, and realized how long it's been since she posted. We'll have to rectify that, maybe this afternoon!

Susie Q said...

Oooh. That store looks amazing! I could so get lost in there for a week! Memphis is a cool place and I am so glad you had a great time. Gotta do that every now and again!


Paige said...

wow, sounds like a great adventure. I wish we had a suit store like that around here. Although my hubby claims that wool makes him itch, so try finding a nice suit that doesn't have wool in it.