Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ferris Beuller'sMelissa Turner's Day Off

I think I need a day off from my day off.

What did I accomplish today? Not what I'd hoped, but:

* Took out the trash. That might not seem like much, but Jason usually takes it to the curb on Monday nights. And last night we were in bed, and he said, "Oh, I forgot to put out the trash." And I said, "Don't worry. I'll do it." And then he said, "But what if you don't get up in time?" And then I said, "Don't worry. They don't come until around lunch."

Guess what time I heard the garbage truck? 8:30 a.m. I had to scramble to find a pair of flip flops, and run out to meet the truck. Just in time!

* Washed the curtains from two rooms, and dusted those rooms. And felt embarrassed at how long it had been since I'd done either of those things. Unfortunately, "dusting" in the bathroom is always more time consuming, because the moisture in there binds with the dust to make an impenetrable gunk that requires much elbow grease.

* Cleaned out Anna Marie's room, to include sorting through three drawers, a clothes basket, and another basket full of stuff to be put away. I also hung a shelf in there to display some of her stuff, and rearranged some of the furniture.

* Found some black and white photos that I never knew we'd taken, and arranged them into a frame we already had (which I spraypainted to match my current decor, using spraypaint I already had) with a matte from another, broken frame. I then hung the resultant collage in my living room, in a space that was empty and bugging me greatly.

I really, really have gotten a lot accomplished today, but you wouldn't know it to walk into my house because it was all in Anna Marie's room and the bathroom. I'm sure Jason wondered just what I'd been doing all day when he first walked in and found me, still in my jammies, watching TV on our bed.

(Oh, I also made homemade applesauce with some apples which Anna Marie had dropped and bruised yesterday, and ordered 50 prints from Snapfish for the sum of $0.30 plus shipping.)

I'm so exhausted (and I should've worn my tennis shoes, because I was barefoot all day and my feet are KILLING me now) and now I have two days worth of work to catch up on when I get to the office. I would've liked to have gotten some scrapbooking done - or, heck, some DVR caught up on - but the look on Anna Marie's face when she came in tonight and saw her room made it all worth while.

She immediately promised to keep her room clean "forever," but we'll see how long that lasts!


Valerie said...

um, hello?! forever at her age is half an hour!

wendster said...

I think that's AWESOME what you got done in one day. No small thing at all.

And thanks for that shoe tip. I didn't know that going barefoot makes your feet hurt! I go barefoot ALL the frikkin time.

And yes ... sometimes my feet hurt. LOL.

Good job on getting so much done on your day off, Miss Buehler. Buehler? Buehler? .... Buehler?

good movie.

I posted comments all the way down the page. Got caught up finally on your lost voice, the birthday girl (wow 7!!!) the farm (that deceptive salesman!), the park, the stepdaughter/stepniece ... the cupcakes ... caveat emptoreum was so dang funny.

And yes ... candy in glass display bowls/pumpkins ARE for using/sharing. You were absolutely in your rights to use/eat those ones.

Sorry I haven't been around much. I have been so caught up in worry over the house and going to court and what not.

I'm not feeling very hopeful about our financial situation.

Prayers are welcome.

I appreciate all of your words of wisdom and the experiences you have shared from your own life. They REALLy helped me. Thanks for sharing. I can see that life has gone on for people around me who I thought would be wiped out by financial crisis ... it just takes a different form, and eventually they DO get their credit back again. Just have to be squeezed through the worm hole first, I think. And OH what a squeeze! Surprising how many wonderful people, things, comforts and etc. that I am enjoying/being supported by on this journey. Hard times make me grateful. Hard times are blessings.

wendster said...

p.s. I am grateful for the lessons and the blessings ... but of course, I am feeling ready for less "blessings" ... lol.

doodlebugmom said...

You got a lot accomplished. One of my friends used to make a "got it done" list as opposed to a "to do" list. I thought it was a great idea.

Susie Q said...

I am totally impressed with all you did today!
Grace and I did mega de-cluttering on Saturday. We are going to paint and re-do her bedroom so she is so excited that helping Mom de-clutter and clean seemed fun!

You accomplished a lot so be proud! You deserve to feel that!