Thursday, October 09, 2008

What a week, what a week!

(Did you catch that, in The Wizard of Oz? As the Wicked Witch is melting, her last words are "What a world! What a world!" I love it!)

Once I recovered from the outrage of last Saturday's failed trip to the farm, a whole new crop of nastiness sprung up in it's place. But enough about that - let's get to those pictures I promised you, oh, about a week ago!

This is Macy, my brother's three-year-old stepdaughter. Cutie Patootie! Also, not used to getting her picture made, unlike Little AM who has been getting hers done since she was about five minutes old.

Two years ago, we brought Anna Marie to this same park, and had her picture made in the same place. One day when I'm not feeling so lousy, I'll grab that from Amanda's Flickr photostream.

She spent a lot of her time at the park swinging…

While Macy, well, she ran around. She's three. That's what she does.

Obviously, those two had a spectacular time. I was still a little put out about the previous unpleasantness, but at least the girls enjoyed themselves.

The rest of my week has consisted of meetings, and sickness, and a "perfect storm" of events which ended in Anna Marie sleeping on top of me on the couch during a thunderstorm.

At least she slept - once she quit talking to me.

I don't know what I've got, but I feel achy and yucky, and my throat is sore. No fever, and not really "stuffed up" either - and let me tell you, it's darn near impossible to figure out what will make you feel better when standing in Walmart's Health and Beauty Aids in that condition.

I made an Executive Decision to stay home from church and rest last night - I hated doing that, and Anna Marie hated missing, but I felt so awful I didn't feel safe driving up there and back.

There will also be no Official Thursday Weigh-In today, because I've made a second Executive Decision to skip WW tonight. I have good reason - one of the boards I cover has had to change their October meeting to 6 p.m. tonight, and trying to weigh in, eat, and get to work in 30 minutes or less is just not some stress I'm about to put myself under. I've come this far - I'm not dropping out, and I know I'm not going to gain five pounds in a week because I didn't know exactly how much I weighed.

(Yes, I've come a long way in the last three years.)

To top it all off, my coffee maker died. Yes, I know, I've sounded that alarm before, but I think this is it this time. Now, it won't even take the water out of the tank to pretend it's going to make coffee. Thankfully, I have a stash of Target-brand pods for my Senseo to get me through until such time as my budget will allow for a replacement.

This is one of those weeks which I'll be glad is over - and not the least because next week is fall break, and I'm thinking I'm going to take a little vacation of my own.


doodlebugmom said...

At least its Friday and this week is over. Get some rest this weekend, and feel better real soon.

wendster said...

playing a dirge for the dead coffee maker.

What cute pictures from the park.

I love the "naturalness" of the Macy on the shoulder picture. So unposed and "real". She'll learn the posing thing later.

And sorry that you are sick and feeling so icky. It really IS hard to find the thing you need to ease your discomfort when you are standing in the pharmacy row.

Feel better!

And see? Once again you are resourceful, even when you are sick, with things like dead coffee makers. Just use the senseo and the "coffee pods?" ... I don't even know what those are (don't drink coffee, but love to sniff it in the coffee grinding row at the store... mmmmmmmm!) ... solution!

You are all about the solutions.

ie: you rock!

wendster said...

...and I HADN'T known what the witch was saying when she was melting.


Thus the title to your post is funny.

You are funny.

Did you know what they are saying when the scary soldiers at the witch'
s palace are marching?

All we own. We ooooowe her.
All we own. We ooooowe her.

Sometimes we say that while we walk or hike. ha. No I'm not kidding.