Thursday, October 30, 2008

Official Thursday Weigh-In

So. We meet again.

Let me just say, if I never see another mini cupcake again, it will be too soon.

Let me just say, I now have nearly 100 orange-colored, chocolate-iced mini cupcakes in my house, half of which will be going to school with Little AM tomorrow.

(How do I know which half? They're the ones with the pumpkin-shaped Peeps on top!)

The other half I'm trying to take somewhere (like work, or maybe my mom's church tomorrow night) because, contrary to what my husband believes, we do NOT need four dozen mini cupakes lying around.

(Oh. My weight is the same as last week - 146.5. Since I had to bake tonight, I weighed in and then went to eat hamburgers with Anna Marie and Jason. Think maybe that's why I can't lose this last 10 lbs.?)

Anna Marie's school is having a breakfast tomorrow morning for those who had all A's on their report card, and guess what - she's in! They've invited parents, but I'm going to her Halloween party at lunch so I'm trying to convince Jason to go to breakfast.

I took pictures of the cupcakes, as well as a couple of other things we've done this week (cookies! pumpkin decorating!) but I'm in bed, and some of the pictures are on my phone, and you'll just have to wait a day or two for those.

It'll give my hands time to rest after all that icing!


MizFit said...


sometimes that is enough!!


wendster said...

If they'll have BACON at breakfast I'll gladly go with Anna Marie. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Bacon!

100 mini cupcakes? WOW. You have some patience there.

And I think holding your own is AWESOME. It lays the foundation for weighing LESS the next week, and it lays the foundation for not going back up later in life. To me, the person who weighs 146.5 for five years is a LOT less likely to gain the weight back than a person who only achieved the goal of 146.5 for one week. Each week you stay down ... bids well for your weight future.

That's my THEORY.