Thursday, October 02, 2008

Official Thursday Weigh-In

Holding steady - that's where I am this week.

Holding steady at 147.

I wonder sometimes if this is as far as I'll get, if my body's "default" setting is right here, around 150.

At what point will I know that? At what point will I say to myself, "Self, this will do."

(That, by the way, was a line from a song we learned for youth camp one year, which had to do with the house built on sand and his next door neighbor, the house built on the rock.)

(But I digress.)

Anna Marie has had a fabulous birthday - I sang to her when she was getting up, per her request; she had a sausage biscuit for breakfast, which is her favorite; I ate lunch with her at school and brought the mini cupcakes, which were a hit; and she stayed on GREEN.

She was a little bummed that the only gift she received today was the electric pencil sharpener which Jason presented her with after school (because she can never find her smaller one at homework time), but I reminded her that she hadn't had her party quite yet.

Seven. I can scarce believe it, just like I can scarce believe that 90 pounds is gone.



doodlebugmom said...

If you end up being 150, so be it...besides,I think you look wonderful! You have worked so hard, don't let the numbers on the scale get to you.

NariceatL4 said...

Wow! Did you say 90 pounds?? That's amazing!! I'm on my journey to lose 70 pounds (33 so far).

I'm Narice, I wandered over from my sister's blog and appreciated your encouraging words to her!

wendster said...

"self, this will do" ...

I like that.

Was it said for the sand guy or the rock guy?

I see that my sister Narice has stopped by. YAY!!! She found you and I know she will enjoy you as much as I do. I do hope you find a moment to say hello to her. She is a wonderful writer and a very entertaining, good, Christian, talented, creative, Kid loving ... I could go on and on ... person.

And good job on holding the line at 147. I think that rocks! Sometimes I wonder if I can lose the 52 pounds I set out to lose this year. One pound a week has turned out to be TOO aggressive of a pace for the ENTIRE year. But so glad to have kept off the 30 and added a few more lost pounds to that. Slow but steady wins the race.
And we end up looking like something way more attractively shaped than turtles.

hee. Yeah baby!

wendster said...

By the way, I think you look AMAZING!

You are beautiful and you look super fit to me.

And if you WANT to hit that goal of 100 lbs. lost, I know you can do that, too.

But then you'd be a super skinny toothpick woman maybe? What you look like now looks absolutely fabulous.