Saturday, October 25, 2008

Official "Why no, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth" Weigh-In

Man, if these things get any later, I don't know what y'all will do with me!

I have a very good reason, I promise - see, when I got home on Thursday night, I was fixing my dinner, and getting Anna Marie in bed. And then, Jason was using the laptop to work on a website for a customer (how DARE he?) and it was too cold in the office to use the desktop. And then, I was at work yesterday and really busy, and I had to go to the school TWICE - once to get a car pass, because I had to do an emergency pick-Anna-Marie-up run since Jason was delayed in Memphis.

(Because if I don't have a car pass, I have to park and check her out, even after school is dismissed. And if she's checked out, she's not a HAT (Here All the Time) kid. And if she isn't a HAT kid, she can't wear a hat at the end of the nine weeks. And we can't have that.)

So, last night, Jason took my parents out to dinner to pay my dad back for traipsing up to Memphis to help him (with something that turned out to be SO SIMPLE that he was SO ANGRY when he realized the solution) and Anna Marie went home with them. And then we spent the evening catching up on DVR stuff.

So now, I've gotten up, had a pot of coffee and some oatmeal, done a couple loads of laundry and a load of dishes, and caught up on my blog reading. And now, I'm FINALLY going to get around to telling you what I weigh.


146.5. I gained a pound, and the lady at the scale said, "Is it your time of the month?"

Oh, don't I wish it were, so I'd have an excuse! It might have something to do, though, with the batch of brownies I baked for Jason and Anna Marie, and of which I snuck a bite here and a nibble there.

Yeah, that might be it.

Luckily, those things are long gone, and that was the last box in the pantry!


doodlebugmom said...

I saw the pictures of you in the next post. Don't sweat the brownies girl, you look fantastic!

Paige said...

Here all the time? Wow!

Irritable Mother said...

If you ask me, it was rather daring of that woman to ask, "Is it your time of the month?" Because if it WAS, might you not be a bit, um, irritable? And might the extra pound make you just a bit more so? And if someone took note of the extra pound and pointed out your monthly condition, and you were already, um, touchy, might you not reach over and give her a whack!?
Like I said, daring. *grin*

wendster said...

It sure is hard not to want to eat sweets while you are cooking them.

With me, it's the bag of chocolate chips in the fridge. I reach in over and over as I walk past the fridge.

I am proud of you! 146.5 is TOTALLY where I want to be!!!