Monday, October 20, 2008

Raccoon update

Oh, did I forget to update on the wildlife taking up residence in MY residence?

I was a bit busy when we got home - sweeping, mopping, and wiping down the bathroom, helping Jason with yard work, and bandaging Anna Marie's back after she slipped and skinned it on a tree.

(Don't worry. She's fine!)

When we left for church yesterday morning, we did an inspection of the outside of the house. And lo and behold, one of the mesh screens covering a vent hole was displaced.

Seems God did tell that raccoon the easiest way out, after all!

After church, Jason did an inspection to make sure there were still no vermin up there, and patched up that displaced mesh. We think we've solved the problem, for now.

(And really, if someone had come after you with a giant fishing net and a spear, and all you were trying to do was escape, would you come back?)

Anna Marie was much relieved to learn that we were raccoon-less now. And we both prayed that God would help that critter find a better place to live than our house!

And now, we have little raccoon prints in the dust in the attic, as a reminder of his visit.


MizFit said...

LOVED your question yesterday about your daughter!

here's hoping quakerman chooses that one to answer,


wendster said...

I love raccoons too. I have heard that they can be SOOOO much trouble ... but I have yet to experience it, so I am still enjoying the family of five that randomly visits my porch in the night for catfood.

And no ... if you chase me with implements of doom I would probably not come back.

Unless you had really good cat food.