Monday, October 13, 2008

Silence is golden . . . not!

I can't talk, y'all.

Now, for some folks (like, say, my husband) this might not be a big deal. But if you've ever met me in real life (or, read one of my blog posts) you'll agree - for me, it's a HUGE deal.

It started last week, when my sinuses started going haywire. And gradually, over a couple of days, my voice got worse and worse - until, on Saturday, it pretty much went kaput.


I took Anna Marie to the circus, and no voice. (Yes, I have pictures, no, I haven't messed with them yet. Remember, patience.)

I went to church yesterday morning, and attempted to participate in Sunday School. No voice. I had to mouth the words to the praise and worship songs, because, again, no voice.

It was starting to come back a little, but then we went to small groups last night, and, although I tried my best to rest it, I just had to use what little voice was there. By the time we started home, guess what - no voice. Again.

It's just awful, y'all. I had to take Anna Marie to the doctor this morning for a checkup, and try to explain to the doctor how she was doing without the benefit of my voice. I'm off work today, but I dread going in tomorrow because I won't be able to rest my voice like I'd like.

(Maybe I'll take off tomorrow too, he he. Anna Marie is off, and I think she wants to go to the auction, but who's to say I don't deserve a bit of time alone?)

On the bright side, I am sipping a cup of mocha coffee, made in the new coffee maker which Jason bought me this morning. Half price at JC Penney's, y'all!

Now that my coffee future is secure once more, I can dedicate the time I'd spent trying to find a new machine to something more rewarding - like, say, RESTING MY VOICE.

(Sorry - that caps lock is the only way I can get any volume right now.)

Maybe this little detour from my normal gabby ways will teach me something about listening, or being still, or some such.

Or maybe I should just take up sign language.


Lissete said...

Although I HATE the taste, a shot of whiskey usually does the trick for me. I'd hate to deny Danny the pleasure of my voice for too long! ;)

Hope you feel better soon.

wendster said...

How about an etcha sketch?

Or one of those magic pads where you write with the plastic pencil, and then lift the sheet and the words disappear? Those things rock! I used to have them all the time as a kid. Where are they now? Now I want one.

OK. Seriously. Sorry about your voice. Whiskey? Really? Hmmm. But WHY does it work? Could we duplicate the effect without the alcohol?

Things like this get my brain thinking.

Great on the new coffee maker! YAY! So glad hubby picked that up for you.

We don't really have storms here. I wish we did. They look awesome.