Monday, June 11, 2007

Anna Marie's eyes - an update

Jason took her to the optometrist today, and you'll never believe what he was told.

The doctor sees a slight "shadow" which she thinks might be a cataract!

Anna Marie has an appointment with a specialist on Wednesday. I was going to just let Jason take her, but the more I think about it, the more I think I'm going. We have a meeting with the publisher on Wednesday afternoons, but I talked to my general manager and she seemed to think it would be OK.

(It's not that I don't trust Jason or his mad doctor-appointment skillz, mind you; it's me. Totally me. Totally me and my hand-wringingness and the thought of having to concentrate during a staff meeting at the exact moment my daughter is seeing a pediatric opthamologist. Is all.)

Dr. Sallye (her first name, not her last) thinks that if it is a cataract in her left eye, and if it's removed, she may have perfect vision out of that side.

Her other eye will be another matter. I suppose the new doc will look at both on Wednesday.

So, please continue to pray for all of us. Anna Marie is (understandably) nervous at the thought of going to a new doctor. As much as I've tried to keep cool these past few days about her eyes, I'm sure she knows something is going on now. And she'll probably have to have her eyes dilated, which she really hates (can't blame her!)

I'll keep everyone posted.

(Funny story - I had a friend in high school, and we were on the phone one night talking about an assignment, and I told him I'd keep him posted about something. He burst into fits of laughter, saying he had visions of Melissa-shaped Post-it notes everywhere.)

(I failed to see the humor.)


Valerie said...

prayers already in! not just for miss AM, but for you, too...just to give you some peace! love you!

Lissete said...

Prayers being said. Poor baby. Dialations suck! Once they figure it out and fix her up, she will be as good as new! I'm sure that she's straining her right eye more to compensate for the cloudiness in her left eye.

Melissa said...

Thanks everyone. And Lissete, I've actually been thinking the same thing - that her right eye may have been overcompensating for the left eye. I just don't understand why it wasn't caught in November!

Susie Q said...

You know our prayers are with you all...for sweet AM and for her worried parents too. We have been through eye surgery with Daniel...5 times if fact! He is just fine and did so well. But I DO understand and know your worry and stress.

Our thoughts are with you...and oh how I LOVE the photo of AM in the pool! She is pure light and spirit!


Sheila said...

Prayers are being said. Hope everything goes well. She's such a pretty girl - love that pic of her in the pool!

doodlebugmom said...

I agree, you need to be there too,for you and for AM.

Will say some prayers for your whole family. Will be good to know and get some answers.


Steff said...

I hope that everything turns out okay. Y'all will be in my prayers!