Thursday, June 28, 2007

Official Thursday Weigh-In

This post can also be titled "Deja Vu," because I've been here before.

160 pounds this week, down three pounds from my last weigh in (which was, if you recall, two weeks ago due to our little eastward jaunt). And 77 pounds total.

I really, really hope this is the end of the roller coaster of the past few weeks. I had a similar thing going on back in October.

I realized tonight that it's taken me roughly a year to lose 27 pounds, and that's kind of disheartening. Especially since it took me less than a year to lose the first 50. I guess it's that thing where the more you need to lose, the easier it is, yada, yada, yada.

On another note, I have once again signed up for our town's Five Star Races tomorrow night. Anna Marie will be running in the 5-year-old toddler race, and I'll be participating in the two-mile walk. It took me about 33 minutes last year, partly due to me not remembering to double-knot my shoes and having to stop about three times to tie them.

Because I didn't learn the first time.

I haven't had time to "train" much the past week or so, which makes me a wee bit nervous.

At least I'll get a cool T-Shirt out of the deal.


Valerie said...

yippee for you! and remember: we didn't put this on overnight, we ain't gonna take it off overnight.

and for your race..two words: velcro laces.

ok, two more words: extra-strength Tylenol. (it's hyphenated. therefore it's one word. so there.)

doodlebugmom said...

Good for you Melissa!

If you wet your shoelaces before you tie them, they will stay tied too!