Monday, June 18, 2007

Day late, meet dollar short

Man, it's the story of my life.

Happy Belated Father's Day. I don't know what it is about Sundays (actually, I do - I'm at home, having to fight the two red heads for computer time) but I can't seem to post.

Anna Marie got very personal with her gift - when I suggested on Saturday afternoon that she make her dad a card (tatmount to the resplendant one given to me on Mother's Day) she whispered ""

Yes, she said the word "slash."

We went to the site, while her dad was distracted in another room, and she made a card, a certificate, a piece of "stationary" and a bookmark. All containing the likenesses of her favorite Disney Channel stars, naturally.

When printed, they needed to be cut out. She didn't.

She handed them to him yesterday morning, and said, "Here is a card. You need to cut it out. Here is a bookmark. You need to cut it out."

And so on.

After church, we went to Aunt Debi's house, so she could get started hemming Jason's suit pants (you know, the black suit he had to buy, to be an usher in his sister's wedding? The one where he's going to be the only usher, because the other guy they asked didn't have a black suit that fit? Like Jason didn't, except he went out and bought one?)

She and Anna Marie at some point found a bowl that one of them imagined looked like a crown.

Then, they got out some of my aunt's old evening dresses.

Hilarity ensued.

Anna Marie is convinced that to be a monarch, you have to look menacing.

On another note, we were informed today (three days late, mind you) that because Anna Marie had new insurance, she could either get just the new lens for her left eye, or she could get a whole new pair of glasses. Being the college-educated folks that we are, Jason and I opted for the new glasses.

(We are planning, also, to buy a new left lens out of our own pocket, so that we still have the pink butterfly glasses as a backup pair. Just so you know.)

In a week or so, you'll be seeing the new look. I took a picture with my camera phone, but at the time she wasn't digging the new specs, so she looks rather sour.

Not a good look, even on her.

Having just dropped Anna Marie off at her hairdresser's church for Vacation Bible School, I'm back at work now to get a little more done. We're leaving later this week, and I not only have to get my regular work done, but a special section as well, in three days time.

Guess I'd better get on it.


Valerie said...

oh good golly, that's the best laugh i've had today! that look on Miss AM's face in that sparkly gown...daaaaang!!! that's hysterical!

Lissete said...

I'm lovin' that crown!

doodlebugmom said...

SO cute! Love the crown and the expression :O)

Sheila said...

Those are great pictures!

Steff said...

She reminds me of this statue thing I saw in Vegas. It was wearing a long sparkly gown and had something similiar on its She's a doll!

Susie Q said...

Now that is a face that I have come to truly love! And that crown is just too too...I do think you must be a teensy menacing or the commoners will
just take advantage of a monarch.
Really. Forget that benevolent ruler stuff....rule with an iron fist and menace them to pieces AM! That dress just screams Queenly!
I should know. After all, I am the Queen of my Domain and all I can see from my living room chair. I even have a crown. It is white and has little holes in it. 'Course, I have to take it off when I need to drain pasta.

AM has a huge fan in me!!


Jolene George said...

Oh my gosh...she looks adorable!
I love that she instucted him that the card and bookmark needed to be cut apart. too funny!