Friday, June 08, 2007

If it's not one, thing, it's your mother.

Well, not really.

Ok, maybe partially.

What a week this has been!

Monday: In with the Board of Supervisors for 2.5 (million) hours, then working late until 10:15 p.m. with the County school board. Oh, and then going to Walmart, making me close to 11:00 getting home.

Tuesday: Drag myself out o' bed. Get a phone call from my mom at 11:00 a.m., asking me to call the police, she'd been in a wreck. (Don't ask me why she called me instead of 911.) Spend most of my afternoon at the emergency room with her and the aunt, who'd been rear-ended by the owner of one of our local clothing stores. (They got to the ER at 11:30, but didn't get seen until about 4:00.) When they were discharged at 5:00 p.m., I was already in a meeting with the city's Board of Aldermen. Jason had to go pick them up.

Later Tuesday: I discover that the cold water in the tub isn't turned all the way off, so I try to turn it off. And the knob turns, and turns, and turns, but the water never goes off! Dash off a note to Jason, who was already in bed and had to work at the Auction the next day. He then dashes a note off to me at 3:00 a.m. the next morning, ON THE COMPUTER, prints it out, and places it in the medicine cabinet where I'll be sure to see it.

Wednesday: Anna Marie's (disasterous) eye appointment and (pretty good) dentist appointment. Later that night, we went to the motel where my aunt is staying while the company from whom she purchased her manufactured home was putting her up, because immediately upon her residing there two leaks occurred and now there was mold growing in the walls. Anna Marie swam (sort of).

Thursday: Teeth! Out! Painful! Cause me to miss another meeting of the Board of Supervisors! Bite the dentist! (In my defense: I had no idea my jaw was moving, or that his fingers were in my mouth.) Jason fixes the faucet (Yay!) Lose three pounds at my weigh-in (Yay!) Pull into the driveway after working until nearly 9:00 p.m. at a city school board meeting, to find puddles of water and a shovel in the back yard (Huh?)

Last winter, we noticed the sound of water running, even though no faucets were on. Then, we saw the back yard full of water. Before we figured out what was going on, we'd run up a nearly $200 water bill! The landlady gets someone out to fix the leak, but they apparently charge her a couple of arms and a leg.

Fast forward to yesterday: same spot, smaller leak. Jason digs up the area this morning, to discover that the plumbers didn't replace the old pipe - just put a compression clamp on it to stop the leak! And now there was another leak! So, he went to the hardware store and bought a suitable clamp. (The landlady fell earlier this week and broke her leg in three places, and is scheduled for surgery next week, so we were trying to take care of it without bothering her.) Problem solved, right?

WRONG! He clamps off the leak, to find at least two more next to it! So, we called her to see if her handyman brother knew anything about replacing pipe. She's going to get back to me. And, she's going to look at the last invoice to see what exactly the plumbers said they did. (Oh, and she's also apparently on some GOOD DRUGS because she sounded great!)

So now, the water is off at the house. If we can't get it fixed shortly, we'll either have to camp out at the Raney compound on Senatobia Drive (that being my mom and aunt's place) or go scrounge up the cash for a motel room. Sheesh.

Oh, and also Friday: My blog's one-year birthday! Yay! And like so many others, I am offering the First Annual Melz World Really Cool Prize Giveaway for those who leave a comment! Just my little way of saying "Thanks, y'all" to everyone who supports Melz World. And to garner more comments.

(See, you had to read through all my other crap to get to the good stuff! I'm sneaky like that.)

So, leave a comment. I'll draw on, hmm, let's see - how does Tuesday evening sound? Ok. Tuesday it is!

Oh, and once again - Thanks, y'all!


doodlebugmom said...

Wow! You have had quite a week. How are your mom and aunt doing? Hopefully they are ok!
Good Luck with all the water/plumbing problems.
Congrats on the weight loss and the blog anniversary :)
Poor AM, hope she gets good news at the follow up appt.
I had to laugh about the dentist fingers! hehe

Lissete said...

Good for you on the weight loss!
I guess all ERs are the same, ugh!
I hope you get the leak situation fixed soon. We wemt through a "tiny" leak, MAJOR trouble a few years ago. Not fun at all!

Valerie said...

holy crap! and i thought i had a week!!

1) mom & auntie update? doing better?
2) AM's eyes...not good?
3) you doing better?
love you!

Sheila said...

My goodness, you certainly had quite a busy week there! It seems like everything comes at once, doesn't it?
Hope everything turns around for you, and things gets straightened out. Hope your mom and aunt are doing.

Jolene George said...

If I had a bed in the guest room I'd let you come stay with me. You've had quite a week and you really don't get enough sleep. I'm so proud of you on your weight loss. You're doing so great!

Paige said...

What a week! So Sorry about a-the pipes, b-your mom, c- your aunt, and d-your teeth!
I'm glad the pipe's taken care of now, at least. Good luck with the other stuff.

Amanda said...

Someone saw the picture I took of Mom and Aunt Debi with gingerbread cupcakes at the Memorial Day picnic - that person said those two looked as if they needed their own show on Food Network. My response was that, seriously, I often think that there should be a camera crew following them around 24/7. There would certainly be some interesting footage...