Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The longest day

This is the longest short day I think I've had here at The Democrat.

I didn't even come in until 10:30, and went to lunch at 11:45, so you'd think today would've practically flown by.

And you'd be wrong.

It's only quarter past four. Five is never going to come!

Anna Marie had two doctors appointments this morning - the optometrist at 9, for a six-month checkup witht her glasses, and the dentist at 10.

The dentist went well - no cavities. The optometrist? Not so much.

First, we were there at 9:00 a.m. Almost no one else was. The receptionist was there by herself, and she had to run between another patient in the next room, and the telephone, and Anna Marie.

Then, when the doctor finally did come in, she was not satisfied with the exam results she was getting and wanted to run more tests. Except, it was getting to be like 9:45 and we had a dental appointment at 10.

So she has to go back Monday.

Apparently, Anna Marie gave better results to the receptionist (you know, the test where you cover one eye and try to look at the letters on the chart) and she suspsects the girl didn't adequately cover the eye in question. That Anna Marie was "peeping" and using both eyes, and skewing the results.

I need y'all to pray. I'm seriously getting concerned about her eyesight, and Jason will be taking her on Monday. (He had to work today, but he forgot that when he made her dentist appointment, so I made the eye appointment for the same day so we'd just miss the babysitter/work the same morning).

So, while they're down the road at the eye doctor, I'll be sitting here with bated breath, trying to work.

That may be the second-longest day here at the paper.


Susie Q said...

Of course I will pray for this precious darlin' girl. IT may be just that the test was not done correctly. That happened with our Daniel twice and once with Grace.
Either way, she will be fine. I know it.

Valerie said...

ditto what miss susie-q said. try to not worry about it (i know, for you that's like not breathing), but no matter what, miss AM will be fine.