Saturday, June 09, 2007

The sweetest sound at 8:00 a.m.

No, it's not the sound of Anna Marie's voice, or Jason's. Or even those aforementioned birds outside my window.

This morning, it was the doorbell.

It signaled the arrival of my landlady's handyman brother, and he was going to fix our water!

And yes, we were all still in bed. I'd been awakened at quarter-of-six with an aching mouth and took some ibuprofen, but it took me a good while to get back to sleep.

He worked for about an hour and a half, and said he had to go get another part. He came back about another hour after that, and was finished by noon.

Praise be!

And, you aren't going to believe this part. That water pipe, the one that some plumbers were supposed to have fixed last year but charged an arm and two legs and just patched - we don't even need it.

That's right.

It runs off the house to the ruins of an outbuilding in the backyard. It probably had a roof at one time, but now it's just a concrete pad with broken-down concrete-block walls and a gate. We keep the lawnmower back there. Which doesn't require water at all!

So, Mr. Handyman Brother just shut the line off altogether. He said there's also a gas line run out there, and that he'd be back in a month or so to shut that off too before it started giving us trouble.

He's great.

We have water.

I'm so happy!

(And an update on the mom and aunt - the aunt is still really, really shaken up, because apparently the wreck exacerbated some fibromyalgia she already has. Plus she's contracted poison ivy from living in the woods. And now my mom has it too! So I think, for the weekend at least, they're sharing one tube of steroid cream. It's all very touching.)


Lissete said...

I'm glad you got your plumbing problems settled!

That picture of little AM that you posted on my guestbook is lovely!

Valerie said...

oh yeah. nothing says family like the same tube of steroid cream.

y'know - it's the one thing i SO love about rental living: big problems like plumbing are someone else's problem.