Wednesday, June 27, 2007

World of Coke, Part Deux

Am I the only one who finds this guy just slightly creepy?

This was apparently one of the original soda fountains to serve Coke.

Guess they found the original soda jerk and bronzed him too.

Moving on.

This was in the Coke museum. It was a capping machine, from when workers had to manually cap the bottles. Like several other things in the room, it was interactive - Jason, Anna Marie, and I all took turns trying the foot pedal.

Those bottle cappers must've had killer calves!

This exhibit was supposed to simulate a living room, where someone could watch - wait for it, wait for it - American Idol! I know, how clever and original!

The picture was taken by one of the many hovering WOC employees. You'll notice Anna Marie still wearing the 3-D glasses from the 4-D theater we'd just left, after having our faces misted and the wind run through our hair and our backs poked by imaginary dragonflies.

Good times.

This was the "New Coke" exhibit. There was a looped video explaining the rise and fall of the ill-fated beverage.

(On a slightly-related note, I remember the first time I tasted "New Coke." Probably the only time I tasted it. My dad drove us to Memphis to this little convenience store where it was sold. We were not impressed. And apparently neither was anyone else.)

Next up: Anna Marie's favorite part (other than the Nintendo Wii in the gift shop).


Paige said...

like the new look!

Melissa said...

Thanks Paige!

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

Mom just sent me pictures of the kids and her on the couch from American Idol and with their glasses on!!

How cool!