Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And now what?

My watch.

My watch has disappeared.

First, it was my bible. I have a small green bible that I keep in my purse, and when I got to church on Sunday, it wasn't there.

I can't find it anywhere.

Then, it was the Amazing Disappearing Coke Zero.

It's still gone, and I'm still no closer to finding out what happened to it. I was almost afraid to put my Yoplait in the fridge this morning, but I'm more afraid of letting 58 cents worth of yogurt go to waste.

And now, I can't find my watch.

It isn't just any watch. Do you see that picture? That's my watch.

It's a Bulova, and it has diamonds, and it's the favorite watch I've ever owned.

It's also the most expensive piece of jewelry I own, next to my wedding set.

I wouldn't have spent that much on a watch, but my brother got it for me for Christmas a couple of years ago. He had just broken up with Wife #1, after buying her an expensive new wedding set (three years of marriage, five wedding sets, you do the math.) She gave him back the ring, but the store wouldn't give him a refund. He got a store credit.

It was Christmas time, so he went shopping. And this is a person who never buys anyone else presents!

I got this watch and a white gold ring with diamonds and sapphires. Which is now three sizes too big, but that's a different story.

Amanda got a similar watch, without the diamonds, that has a pink face (this one is blue, which he knew was my favorite color). She also got a pink sapphire ring just like the one he got me.

She lost it two years ago.

My mom got a set of diamond jewelry - a necklace, bracelet, and earring set. Dad and Jonathan got nice watches, and Jeremy also got himself a nice watch.

(I told you that was an expensive wedding set!)

I'm not really upset about the bible - I have others, and I can buy another one to keep in my purse. We are blessed to live in a country where God's Word is plentiful and relatively cheap.

I'm more bugged than anything about the coke. And curious. But that's about it.

I'm really upset about the watch. It's the least-easily replaced of the things I've lost this week.

I wear it every day, and every night I put it in one of two places - either my jewelry armoire, or, if I'm giving Anna Marie a shower or bath, I'll take it off in the bathroom and put it on the built-in toothbrush holder.

It isn't in either of those places. I looked before I took her to school, and I came back home afterwards and looked again. I wasn't planning on going home for lunch, but I think I may so I can look some more.

I feel naked without it - and a few minutes ago, when I called the Peabody (where I attended a fashion show on Friday and where my bible may have fallen out of my purse) I got a voice mail. It told when the Lost and Found office hours were, and I looked at my watch - or at least where it should have been - to double check what time it was.

I think I'm going to bypass Monk alltogether and go straight to Psych this time.


Melissa said...

An update:

About 10:00 a.m., I could stand it no longer.

I came home and looked for the watch.

It was on my scrapbook table - I guess I'd been taking it off last night, when Jason asked if I had a hole punch for some signs he was laminating.

I got a call back from the Peabody, and they haven't seen my bible.

Now, if I could just figure out what happened to that Coke Zero . . .

doodlebugmom said...

I am so glad you found your watch!