Sunday, September 09, 2007

Oh, Sephora

(You have to say that like the opening notes of the title song from the musical "Oklahoma." Doesn't that sound neat?)

I fell in love with a store a few months ago.

An online store.

An online store called Sephora.

It was a long-distance relationship. The nearest Sephora store to my home was over an hour away, so I had to make do with occasional web encounters.

But not any more.

They've opened a brand spanking new location at the Wolfchase Mall, just a stone's throw from Amanda's new digs.

(Too bad it'll be completely lost on her, since she DOESN'T WEAR MAKEUP!)

(As the British slang goes, that's well shameful)

Anyway, we (mom, AM, and I) went to Amanda's last night to take her some more stuff.

And eat at Moe's.

And visit Super Target.

(Man, I have SO got to find a way to move to that area. And have a good job, so I can hang with the Starbucks crowd.)

And I convinced mom to take us to Wolfchase so I could take the new Sephora store for a spin.

Mom really wasn't sure what this Sephora was that I was going on and on about.

And then she saw for herself.

And it was love at first sight.

Ever been in a Sephora store? No? Let me bring you up to speed.

It's like the Health and Beauty Aids section of your favorite store, except much much bigger. Or, like the cosmetics section of a department store, except the sales staff is knowledgable about all the products, and they don't try to push any particular line.

And you can try everything.

Did you hear that? Say it with me now. EVERYTHING.

Guess what little red head walked out of there with blue eyeshadow and gold lips, and a wee little bottle of orange nail polish?

(No, it wasn't Jason, although one of the male sales associates was wearing more makeup than I was. He looked better in it too. Great cheekbones!)

I got some Rosebud Salve and AM got the aforementioned nail polish.

And mom? She walked out with about $50 in various skincare products. She's a junkie. I remember her using Oil of Olay when I was about three years old, which would've made her about 25 at the time.

The woman is serious about her skincare.

And I got to introduce my young daughter to the joys of beauty products.

And the joys of sampling all those products free of charge.


Lissete said...

I LOVE Sephora! Sign up for their little rewards proogram & get points plus a birthday surprise! It's a dangerous little store though, just like Target. Go in for one thing & walk out w/ more!

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

I love Sephora!!!!! The closest one to me is three hours away... so i shop online too!

amanda said...

That picture looks like the cosmetics department of a really nice Boots I went to in London.

Sheila said...

We have a Sephora very close to where I live; I went in the store with a couple of friends when we went to the mall. I looked around, but nothing really interested me - but that's just me. I'm not into makeup or perfume, or anything like that. I'm strange, I know.

doodlebugmom said...

Sounds like a fun store. I would love it! Now I am jealous! lol

Valerie said...

i am Sephora's bee-yatch. we have a few around here (no i'm not boasting, there's only one i really HAVE to go to, the other two ignore me and my disposable income)and i LOVE.THEM.SO.MUCH.

but you have a Super Target. i have none.

Melissa said...

Well, Valerie, seeing as how the Super Target, like the Sephora, is an hour away, I can't really say I "have" one.

Guess that means more trips to see Amanda, since her house is basically between the mall containing Sephora and the Super Target.

Oh, and there's a Moe's in front of the Super Target.

And a Starbucks both inside and in front of it. But who is counting?

Don't worry, Linda - you can carry on long distance, like I did!

Jolene George said...

I've never been to a sephora store but I hear great things and really want to go.

Susie Q said...

I LOVE Sephora online but have always wanted to go IN One. I am in serious envy now Melissa!

Wonderful place!

I have been thinking of taking Grace to a make up counter (like Clinique) and let her learn some things...I know that she won't wear it out any time soon but it would be fun to help her learn about it and how have fun with it.

Hugs to AM and to you!


Steff said...

I love the health and beauty section of drug stores! I've got to take myself to this website...ASAP!