Thursday, September 27, 2007

Official Thursday Weigh-in

Well, this is depressing.

My weigh-in was so bad, my leader gave me a booklet on getting through a plateau.


(Jason said she should've given it to me weeks ago, but, whatever.)

Can you tell I'm not having a very good week?

Well, I gained 1.5 pounds this week. Back up to 159.5.

Tomorrow, I'm starting a new routine - I've set my alarm for 15 minutes early.

I'm going to exercise for 15 minutes, first thing in the morning.

I know it isn't much, but I have to work up to this early-morning thing slowly.

And if I don't do it first thing, it won't get done - especially since I have to work late every night last week.


Jolene George said...

That 15 minute morning routine may just do the trivk to get you over the hump. I would love to be your day I will be. :o)
I really like your birthday plans for Anna. It'a a great idea. Low key, but special. She will love it. Not all birthdays have to have big parties.

Valerie said...

oh sweetie. i know you're frustrated. but you have come so far, just remember that.

good luck on the new plan!! (and sorry, but the thought of getting up earlier than i already do makes me shudder with horror. 5am is early enough, thankyouverymuch.)

Melissa said...

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies.

Valerie, I used to get up at 6:30. I had plenty of time to get ready - I could even watch a little TV before I started my day.

Then, I had to get Little AM up for school, and I had to be completely ready before she got up, so I started getting up at 6:15.

Although the thought used to make me cringe, another 15 minutes really isn't going to make that big of a deal - I guess if I ever reach the 5 a.m. threshold, though, it might!