Thursday, September 06, 2007

Official Thursday Weigh-in

Things I did not do today:

1. Journal in my Fit Day account.
2. Finish our Welcome to Tate County magazine.
3. Retrieve my notebook from a friend's office that was left after a meeting yesterday.
4. Get the names for a picture I took last week and should've gotten the names for when I took the picture, but was a big dummy and didn't.
5. Lose any weight.

Things I did do today:

1. Develop a tension ache in my head, shoulders, and neck.
2. Get my mom to get Anna Marie a really cute ballet bag, which I'm probably going to send back because it is light colored and not machine washable, and also really small.
3. Have a wreck in my driveway with Jason's Jeep, which caused me to . . .
4. Get into a fight with Jason, the inconsiderate lout, which made it even worse when I . . .
5. Gained a pound.

(Shakes fist in the air)

Geez Louise. I lose 2.5 pounds last week, bringing me within spitting distance of that 80 pound mark, only to gain a pound of it back! And I was being so good, as evidenced by my Fit Day journals! And I started weight training to work on my upper arms in anticipation of my BFF Marcia's wedding and the sleeveless bridesmaids dresses contained therein!


P.S. For those of you keeping score, this whole mess means I now weigh 159, and have lost a total of 78 pounds.

1 comment:

Valerie said...

dang. i am sorry. but you will do better next week. try to not be too discouraged, after all look how far you've come!

sleveless bridesmaid dress? that's love, baby. i still might try to find a way to not wear it. but that's me.

headaches are running rampant here, too.
you rock! things really will be better in the morning!