Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy birthday mom!

And thank you Amanda, for having pictures online that I can easily, um, borrow.

(Guess I need to explain that she talks with her hands, and sometimes her hands say some pretty funky things.)

Today is my mom's birthday, and guess what she did.

She had a yard sale.

At my house, because I live "in town" and she lives "out in the county" on a dead-end road.

And yes, having a yard sale is a fitting birthday activity for her.

Tonight we went to see Amanda, and took mom and Little AM to Moe's for a joint birthday dinner.

Apparently, we weren't the only ones with the idea, as some kid was having his actual birthday party there.

Then we took AM to Build A Bear. And finally, we come home with a girl bear! With a normal name! I'll have to introduce "Rose" to you at a later date, because she and Anna Marie spent the night with mom.

Then, mom and Amanda went to Sephora so mom could claim her free tube of body butter for her birthday, and Anna Marie and Jason and I went to The Children's Place.

Man, I love that store.

We had one close by when Anna Marie was a baby, and I'd go stock up on clothes when they were on sale, and then they'd give me "Place Bucks" and I'd come back and spend more when they put more on sale.

Today, I had a coupon for 20% off a purchase of $50 or more. And, they were having a big 50% off sale. We ended up with three outfits (tops and bottoms) and a pair of shoes for $44, including Tennessee's crazy 9.25% sales tax.

It was about $125 worth of clothes, y'all.

The other four went to Dairy Queen for dessert, but I played it safe (thanks, weight-loss plateau!) and went next door to Starbucks for a light pumpkin spice frapp. It was like a pumpkin pie in a glass, if your pumpkin pie contained coffee as a main ingredient. But it was fine.

I'm so exhausted now - we just got home, and I've been up since very, very early to work the yard sale.

Happy birthday mom - and now, I guess, Rose too.


Valerie said...

9.25% tax? that is crazy...and i thought L.A. was bad with it's 8.25.

sounds like you had a fun day anyway...can't wait to meet Miss Rose, and can AM model the new togs as well?

Melissa said...

Amanda is on the verge of buying a new iPod. If she buys it from Apple and has it shipped to her house in Tennessee, she'll have to pay $29 tax. If she has it shipped to my house in MS, it'll be $17! I hate Tennessee tax, and we have a Children's Place half an hour from us (still in MS) but we happened to be at that mall (in TN) last night.

And yes, I can arrange some pictures in the new clothes!

Susie Q said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I myself talk with my hands and think it is a very lovely trait! : )

I wanna see AM in new clothes!!

Grace and I hope to get to the store where she wishes to get AM a few "cool things". I have no idea what exactly Grace thinks translates to "cool" but I will make sure they are!

Children's Place is incredibly spiffy. Grace will be sized out soon and I will be truly sad...: (

Have a sweet week!