Friday, September 28, 2007


Do you know what frustration is?

Do you?

You might think it's trying to get a nearly-six-year-old ready for school.

Nope. I can handle that.

You might think it's working on a newspaper page, have it nearly done, and then having Quark explode just before you hit save, causing you to lose all your work.

Uh uh. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

After last night's disasterous weigh-in, you might think it was losing and then regaining the same two pounds for two months straight.

I'm kind of getting used to that, folks.

This is frustration:

Frustration is knowing that your DVR contains part two in a three-part series of what has become one of your favorite shows, and yet your husband, the ONE WHO GOT YOU HOOKED IN THE FIRST PLACE, refuses to let you watch it.

Because he wants to wait until next week, and watch the next two episodes together.

Who knows if I'll have two whole hours (or, in DVR time, 1.5 hours) to devote to this next week?

My head may just very well explode if I have to watch these last two installments at once.

I've been hanging on the edge of my seat all week, reading the message boards at (did I just admit that?) I have discovered that my obsession is not like that of other "Whovians."

I think I've just got a crush on David Tennant. And I think my husband has figured it out.

And I think he's trying to keep us apart.

Cheeky monkey.


Melissa said...

Oh, and did I mention John Barrowman? He's the guy in the middle, and he's also quite a bit of eye candy.

Man, what has gotten in to me?

Amanda said...

Captain Jack is too "traditionally attractive" for my taste.

Steff said...

Nothing wrong with looking...except when you can't look.

I don't get the SciFi channel...what is this show all about?

Melissa said...

Ok, Amanda, so what you're saying is the guys you go for, what, like have three eyes or are missing an ear or something?

Steff, it's a continuation of a series that's been on since the 1960's. The Doctor (that's his name) is the last of the Time Lords, and he travels through space and time in his ship called the TARDIS that looks like a blue phone booth.

And it's bigger on the inside.

And every time they need a new actor, they have the doctor "regenerate" into his new form.

If you have BBC America, they're showing last season's episodes - and if you have Netflix, you can get them on DVD.

My husband has been watching since he was a kid, but I guess it took David Tennant to get me interested!