Sunday, December 09, 2007

Guess what we finally got around to doing?

Taking our Christmas card picture!

We've been so busy these past few weeks - I was afraid we wouldn't get it done at all, just like 2004. Complicating the matter was the fact that Amanda no longer resides a stones-throw from me, but has moved an hour away.

Yesterday, I woke up with a plan. Well, actually I'd been planning it for a few days, ever since I woke up last Sunday in a panic about the whole process.

I knew Amanda would be in Downtown Memphis feeding homeless people, because that's whas she does most every Saturday. I also knew we has a first birthday party for my cousin Cheree's exceedingly cute daughter Amelia, just across the river from Memphis in Arkansas.

I asked Amanda to meet us downtown after her homeless feeding duities were over. And she did!

I likewise knew that it would be 4 p.m. or after before any of us could get down there, so outdoor pictures would be out of the question. We parked in our favorite free-parking spot, and walked a couple of blocks to the Peabody Place Mall and their ginormous Christmas tree.

Someone in our group was being less-than-cooperative, and kept asking for pizza. And after she was threatened within an inch of her life to never ride the choir bus again, we finally got a usable shot.

I stayed up pretty late last night working on these, and they should be waiting on me at Wal Mart when church gets out.

Now, comes the fun part - finding the addresses, because neither my ultra-organized husband nor I appear smart enough to save them from year to year.


Valerie said...

they look great! and your glasses look like mine...we're twinsies!! rock on!

Steff said...


I set down last night and got all my cards addressed. least the ones that are getting mailed. I haven't done the e-card ones or the ones that I need to put in teacher boxes at school. Maybe today! :)

Lissete said...

Yaaaayy! I'm not the only one that for some reason cannot manage to keep a Christmas card database! Every year I say I will, and every year I don't!

Great picture by the way!

Paige said...

Cute!!!!! That picture is darling. Good job. And don't worry about a silly pound and a half. You'll lose it again soon.

Susie Q said...

I LOVE the picture!!

You all look so wonderful!

Great job!!