Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh no they didn't!

I almost broke down in tears in Walmart this morning.

(I know. Just the thought of going there can reduce one to tears, but I had forgotten to get AM's dance teachers a gift, and today was their Christmas party, so I had no choice. No where except the grocery store is open here before I go to work.)

I'd been eyeing one of these babies for about a month now:

Yes, that's a Cricut.

You may remember that they were on sale for $119 (normally $184) at WM the day after Thanksgiving. Much as I wanted one, I didn't have the funds. I figured they'd sell out in a jiffy.

I was wrong.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some on a shelf in the ever-shrinking craft section at our Senatobia store. For $119. They weren't selling AT ALL.

Jason promised he'd buy one as soon as he got a check he was expecting for building a website.

(By the way - still waiting on that check. I think we'll have to send that we'll have to send in the "We gonna get your money" guys from SNL.)

Back to today - I was in there before work. They still have about a dozen of them, but they've jacked the price back up to $184!

Now, I know, that's still a good deal for a Cricut with two cartridges. But when they've been $119 for a month, and the only thing standing between one of them and a spot under my tree was a group of people in South Carolina, well, it's just the principal of the thing.

I've been pretty bummed about it all day. And wondering what I need to request for my consolation present.

Amanda suggested I boycott them, but that's really not an option. Unlike her, I don't live a few miles from an Aldi and a Super Target. I have no where else to turn!

Watch out, world's largest retailer. Payback is heck.


Susie Q said...

I am willing to go down to my Walmart and picket them for you. Heck, I might even enjoy it! Really! I would do this, just say the word...really. I would. I can have the sign all painted up by morning.

I am so sorry...I know how this feels and it stinks!


Valerie said...

oh girlie..i so feel your pain. i'll go egg 'em, if it would help.

maybe you could talk AM into building a lemonade stand for Mommy?

just a thought.

doodlebugmom said...

I see a post on the ckmb today, that some of the WM are lowering the prices back to $119. so don't give up yet!

Melissa said...

Yes, Linda, I saw that post too. I'm really, really trying hard not to get so caught up in it - it's just a piece of machinery! But it's hard to get one's hopes up and have them dashed.

Which is why I'm currently in a bidding war with someone over at ebay for a present for little AM.

~ Our Humble Cottage ~ said...

Hi, visiting from Mel's. I just wanted to say that I used to work for Wal Mart. They did have (don't know about now) that if they had it at a lower price within 30 days of when you wanted it, just ask the manager for the lower price. A older lady that used to come in my line saw that grapes went up and they gave her the lower price when she asked for it. Just a thought...

Melissa said...

If (and that's a pretty big if at this point) the check ever gets here from the folks in SC, I may try that asking-for-the-lower-price trick. Can't hurt.

(They'd better get more on the ball about payment. Because now they want me to do some PR work for them. And I'm not as nice as my husband.)