Thursday, December 13, 2007

Official Thursday Weigh-In

Now on Thursday!

I'm only gonna say this once: I lost a half a pound!

Now just a pound and a half to go to lose what I've gained in the past two weeks!

(And all during Christmas, too. Whee!)

For those of you who are keeping score, that makes my weight 158. I lost 80.5 pounds, but have gained back a total of 1.5 pounds, so (doing math in my head, wait a minute) that makes me down 79 total.

Guess all that extra water helped!


Tee said...

Hi, I stumbled into your blog and read this post. I just had to comment to say WOW. Way to go!! You should be very proud!

Melissa said...


Valerie said...

gooooooo Mellie!!
and with all that water, that's no understatement.

Steff said...

Congratulations! I said I was dumb as rocks for doing it before the holidays and that is true. In our little town we only have one meeting day and at 4:30. Trying to get away from work to make that meeting is proving hard...especially with the holidays. I've decided to keep up the program (well as best you can during the holidays) and just start again in January. Like Mr. Gunn on Project Runway...I'm making it work!